Saturday 4 June 2011

Video - Resources

DelicateBlossomVideo pointed out in her YouTube video, that quite a lot of fan-videos are access restricted for Germany.
As I am from Germany and often feel those restrictions, I want to take the chance to promote her list of Richard Armitage Fan-Video-Resources:

And I would not want to miss one single video of my favourite vidder:
Bccmee (her YouTube channel)
who did such gripping videos, e.g. "Hallelujah" which makes me shiver all over again each time I watch it. (My post about it.)

My own videos I mostly post now as access restricted for only those who know the link. The reason is, that one of my early videos (and I must add, the favourite of mine) got marked because of the used music. Here I must explain, that the used music is the only one which makes any sense with the video content, so I could not just swap it. Also it took me 10 years, to find a recording of this special music and when I had found exactly this very special recording, I paid as much for the delivery as for the recording itself. To my knowledge, the music is not available for sale right now, except someone gives up his precious used copy.
Still I think the recording of this not very often played piece is so brilliant, that I wanted to give it more awareness. But no, it got marked because of possible license violation.

The video is not completely removed, but can still be accessed via this blog. I will not point it out, but followers perhaps have missed it on my account already.

Sorry, no "Intrigue"-part today.
The story will continue on Monday. Till then I will need some time to continue writing and to repair the video I intended to mark the beginning of the second part of the story, now that it seems that my video editing program works properly again.


  1. That was a brilliant idea of delicateblossom. Many of my fanvids are blocked in Germany too, so I have a list of them on my channel if anyone wants a direct download link.

  2. @bccmee
    If you like, bccmee, I can re-edit the post and include your links. For the moment I include a direct link to your YouTube channel.
    I also thought about including a page here in this blog with a link directory to those sites and videos, to make the access more permanently available, but it will take me some time to get to it..

  3. I wish something could be done to bring Germany into the loop. It is such a shame for a whole country to be missing out on so much music.
    Delicateblossom was very thoughtful to make this sampling of her excellent videos!

  4. @phylly3
    Thank you very much, Phylly, for your concern!!!
    -- I had to rewrite my answer to your comment, as my first reaction would likely have got me in very heavy trouble. It was much too politically un-opportune and critical. So I had to calm down and write it again ;o) --
    Germany in many things takes a quite unique route, either with Richard Armitage, with very selective news coverage, Internet affinity, ...
    All my ideas to do something against the access restrictions would likely get me into a not very spacious cell or at least cost me my work and apartment and consequently get me there as well.
    Would I get Internet access there, I wonder?