Wednesday 15 June 2011

Intrigue - Part 2.6: Nothing for Company

By reading any further, you state, that you are at least 18 years old.

The following content contains violence and situations, which might be offensive for some readers.
So be warned and do not read on, if James Bond like situations do not appeal to you.

The first Lucas North had wanted to go back to his real identity, as far as he had told him, and they even had prepared sand-dummies, either for Lucas’ burial together with Vaughan and for the fake burial after a car accident they had improvised for John Bateman to fool his contractors.

Al had not been in Dakar for the fake burial of his fake identity. But when Vaughan had told him, they had escaped from Dakar together, he knew something was wrong.

He had been gone before Vaughan left and had taken on a job on a container ship from the large international harbour not far from the British Embassy in Dakar.

There had only been one person left in Dakar who could have impersonated John Bateman and have gotten through with the disguise and that was the man he knew for Lucas North. He had never known his real identity, as Lucas never had known his entire back-story as Al Delarmy. They had been young and had loved the suspense and disguise going along with the agent’s profession. They had been friends and rivals about being the better spy all at the same time.

Lucas North must have his hands in this whole charade. But when this man had taken over the identity of John Bateman when they had agreed upon getting rid of this fake identity, he must have found something to make it worth his time to take over his role as a drug courier.

What had occurred back there in Dakar after he had left the town to make it desirable and safe for his friend to use his fake identity and risk discovery by meeting and leaving town with Vaughan?

Vaughan was a tool in a greater game. Al was quite sure, that Vaughan had thought his information he planted upon him, had been the real one. He had had no idea about the double play going on.

But who else was involved and how far did their power go? Was Harry involved, Ruth, Beth or Dimitri?

Vaughan had had access to the top secret MI-5 files through his secret contact. But he had not been able to make sense of the content he had found.

Neither had he found out that Albany had only been a bluff in a cold war about technological pre-domination, nor had he uncovered the true intentions of his customers. Were the Chinese played as Vaughan had been or were they part of the bigger game?

To find that out, Al was here in Hamburg.

Source: CDoart - Hamburg 2002

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  1. Do the Chinese agents know by now that the Albany file is useless? At least Al/Lucas/John is in beautiful surroundings while he tries to solve the case!

  2. @bccmee
    Yes, the Chinese know by now that Albany is useless. But fortunately, they gave Lucas/John/Al enough money to do what he wants now and he keeps us happy by doing that ;o)
    The photo is of the Hamburg harbour, the "Kehrwieder"-street coming up in the next part of "Intrigue". The building with the tower is the 'Landungssteg' where a lot of Germans boarded ships to leave the country and settle down in the U.S.A. Their first stop usually brought them to your town, New York.