Thursday 2 June 2011

Vatertag - Father's Day with Richard Armitage

You will ask, how can I do a post with Richard Armitage for "Father's Day" when he is not a father himself (at least as far as we know ;o).

But yes, I can, because he is, in some of his roles.

I especially like him in his gentle way caring for his daughter in "Strike Back". Right up from the beginning, when you see him kiss his daughters picture, you know how much she means to him.
Even his not shooting Assad in "Strike Back" 1 is deeply rooted in his role as a caring father and makes him a true example here. So I chose to include some of the most gripping moments of his 'fatherhood' in pictures here to celebrate the day:


His life turns bad, still he gives comfort to his daughter and does not even let her see, how much her embrace hurts him.


John Porter comforting his daughter, though he himself would need some comforting in the crisis his life is at that moment.


I very much appreciate the warning look he casts towards the mother, as if to say: "Do not interfere  and try to take her from me. She is my girl."


Also here, Porter acts like a true father and even risks his own life for the children he rescues.

For all caring fathers, have a wonderful, sunny and enjoyable Father's Day!


  1. It seems that the final storyline in Strike Back, which was written by someone else, certainly neglected the father/daughter relationship that the other episodes touched upon.

  2. @bccmee
    I liked the father/daughter relationship very much. It already brought me to tears in the book, while I only imagined RA in that role. It was such an endearing aspect of the character to me, making him a human and not the machine the nun at first accused him to be, and RA played it so well.