Thursday 14 February 2013

Success & Envy

Lately, the news around King Richard III has been so wonderful, so full of joy and interesting revelations for me, that I was totally overwhelmed.
The only thing which could have topped the happiness, would have been an interview by Richard Armitage about King Richard III, but though it was intended, so far did not happen.

So I watch the news, look out for RA mentions and hope for the best ;o)

Today, on my search for King Richard news, I found this article. As it so well meets other development right now, one even in fandom which has caused me to make myself a bit scarce here, it was able to raise my full attention.
It expresses such typical, such destructive, uncreative and contra-effective behaviour, that it totally gets my opposition. I fight this behaviour all my life. I see it, but mostly must observe it and this behaviour once when started can't be made undone or the things repaired it has destroyed. The creatives only can collect the remains which this destructive behaviour left intact - which at the end mostly are not many.

I never understood and most likely never will, what makes this behaviour such a daily occurrence and so well accepted in society, that all journalists readily apply it, politicians make decisions based on their lobbyists acting under this maxime, colleagues, choir buddies, family and friends find it totally acceptable and do not even think about it twice,
though it destroys everything in its vicinity, creations, immense amounts of work, friendships, relationships, happiness, ...

If it is the battle of the Cities, the now arising battle of Universities or the existing, silent battle inside fandom.

I don't support it, as I support real effort and work, but not those wanting to shine based on the work of others.
I know that makes me a lonely fighter against things others do not even recognize as a problem. But I won't willingly support the destruction of happiness and creativity, which are the main motivators for every single step of my life.

I am so happy that one person can instil creativity and motivate me to ever more effort in my life.

RA even sitting gives the impression of overflowing creativity.

Thank you, Mr. Armitage!!!