Saturday 13 January 2024

In Memoriam Gonzalo Lira (1968 - 2024)

Perhaps you ask, who Gonzalo Lira is, or rather was.
I won't give details to him or his background, or even my reasons for mentioning him and his passing here.

But today, things just became too much and I finally had to break my long silence here.

I am angry for so many reasons, and starting to write here again might cause me to break my equilibrium and finally explode.

In a way, this post already is that, me exploding - or at least bubbling over.


Gonzalo Lira (1968 - 2024, killed in and by UKR)


Please take a moment and say a prayer with me for Gonzalo Lira and his family (he has two young children) and also for what he fought for - for the freedom of speech.
Is 'freedom of speech' as dead as he is now?


(I might not answer comments on this post, though I hesitate to restrict them altogether.)