Monday 28 January 2013

Rescued by Mr. Armitage

Just got an invitation to Paris. Not that it had especially something to do with Paris, just - you know - for the other stuff.
Why do men doing business with a woman think that is included - after one (business-)meeting?
And I must add, I am not someone sending out those relevant signals lightly or - in my perception - even at all. I am down to business to a fault. Friendly, effective, stiff as a stick ;o)
And men telephoning me on Sunday of all days because of a previous business meeting, already raise my suspicions to high alert (even without mentioning Paris).

As I mentioned in the discussion following my last post, I am not good at small talk, though I already know this man's biography and today, on the phone, just heard the rest, the small parts he had left out the first time.
This time he came prepared to crush my reservations to talk about myself, so he tried to openly and repeatedly get some answers from me, especially to my relationship status. He was quite inventive and certainly 'prepared' for this talk. Nearly double my age (though that might be a slight bit exagerated ;o), and after one meeting, he has no chance whatsoever with me - oh, and my business offer to him just was withdrawn in a very unobtrusive way, covered up in a business advice, so that it took him a while to figure out that he was out of it entirely with no return-ticket in, and I assure you, he tried. I certainly don't do business on such a basis, not if someone thinks he can get my work and expertise for free, appeasing me with a lousy affair.

Do you think I am totally mad and tell someone who lives in the close neighbourhood to me openly that I am single?

Oh, that leads me to - why did RA do it and state it openly? I had not expected that, at least not any longer after "The Hobbit". Good, perhaps it is different for men and women? But the question 'Why?' certainly gets on my 'undoable list of questions' [ULOQ] ;o)

For me, RA in today's situation on the phone posed the best excuse ever! With my engagement 'for' him, I am in good, very good hands ;o)
That thought gave me the strength and humour to remain patient, and helped me greatly with answering the questions quite convincingly and navigate through all the man's trick questions and angles.

Thank you for the rescue, Mr. Armitage!

I imaged RA looking like this at his 'rival' over my attention and my inner smile helped me to be convincing:

Source: from FAULT Magazine

Preparing to ...

Source: from GLAMOUR Macazine

Sorry, just could not resist ;o)

Still it is very reassuring to have such an effective protector at my side ;o)

Sunday 13 January 2013

A Picture of Perfection

Today, I got a wish granted !

Ali posted my picture of perfection (or is it the picture of the day?) on


This image is a shot in the middle of a transformation on his face. He goes from annoyed to amused to interested in milliseconds and a load of mini-expressions, which only Servetus could describe properly.

Though that small transition from amused to tolerant, just happening/having happened in this screenshot, is how I presume he would look at me, if he ever by accident should encounter me. Slightly amused, tolerant, patient, ... ;o)

Still, I would like to ask him so many questions, but in real life, I know I will not have the bravery to ask them ;o)

You ask what questions? 
Loads and loads and a heavy accumulation of notes and pieces of paper already.
Alone his Budapest connection and his trip to Vienna would give me loads of material to grill him - and I would not even need to mention the circus.

So it perhaps really is best, I am not a reporter.

Also I would like to ask him, why he once mentioned he would like to learn German. It for English ears must be a guttural language, as it uses more parts of the mouth than English speakers in general do. Would he go for a northern 'dialect', a middle/southern one or the strict stage language? Has he at all decided yet and what area(s) would he like to see and visit to accompany his language learning, if at all.

Another part I surely would ask RA without end, would be about his preparations for Spooks in series 9. What did he make of his character, what of John Bateman, what outlook did he give him, what alternatives had he prepared, what really worked out - what not, ...
What was planned with the not available helicopter at the end?
What differences / preparations he felt uneasy to leave behind from the two previous Spooks series?
How Spooks helped him for Thorin Oakenshield
. . .

And that still is entirely without mentioning King Richard III!

You see, it really is best, I never get close to RA, otherwise I would never stop asking questions ;o)

If you have questions you would like to ask him, please comment. Suggestions are very welcome, to complete my kilos of notes ;o)