Wednesday 28 November 2012

CD and The Hobbit Premiere

EDITED: Sorry, the full replay is no longer available, but only a one minute teaser. Please look for Interviews with Mr. Armitage at the YouTube Channel of !

After a long while, I am converted The Hobbit follower and even stayed up tonight, to see the premiere event live. Here is the event in replay, if you did not have a chance to see or access it live:
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Enjoy the dashingly handsome RA (I never before called him so, but he is devastatingly so on the red carpet) ;o)

Monday 12 November 2012

Two Years and ...

Two years and not a little bit wiser?

I thought about comparing me now with me in the age of two years, but except from fears I hade, I do not have an all too close rememberance of that time. As I don't want to bring up my fears from back then - they are enough during nightmares - and, as far as I know, I do not even have a picture from myself in that age, that is not so adequate for this special moment of two years of admiRAtion.

So I dismissed my first approach to two years of blogging, as I thought that does not really cover it all.

Perhaps it can describe me (at least the "not a little bit wiser" part)  ;o)
but surely not my magnifold experiences in and with fandom.

Two years and lots of RA ?

No, that surely can't be. It was not nearly enough for my taste ;o)

Two years and ... lots of experiences ?

That surely gets closer to the point now.

The two years brought me a wide variety of experiences, lovely contacts and friends and a dear advisor and confidant, who's opinion I value very much and would not have had the least chance to meet without fandom. (I hope you know who you are. I don't want to openly name you here.)

I am so very grateful for the experiences of the last two years,
the growing confidence,
the feeling of togetherness,
the feeling of being whole and right where and how I am,
the experience of support and helpfulness,
the friendship that makes this whole experience and effort of blogging worthwhile.

Thank you for being there and being the supportive and interested friends you are !!!

Let's celebrate together with RA:

John Mulligan celebrates with us ;o)
Screencap from "Drowning not Waving" (Moving on) -
  Source: (edited)

Wednesday 7 November 2012

The Hobbit & Zazzle & Charity

Now I have figured out, that referral fees for "The Hobbit" and other products in the Zazzle shop are possible, not only the CDoart-products.
I set the link up to enable referral income, which, like's Amazon-links, will accumulate income for Mr. Armitage's suggested charities.

If you would like to buy "The Hobbit" products or other products from Zazzle, please consider using the following referral links (remain constantly available in the left sidebar):

Direct shop links:

In the menu or via the main Zazzle logo on those special shop-sites you can swith to the whole product assortment of Zazzle. Income for charity will be gained from all Zazzle-sales, not only the theme-shops.
All referral income will go to Mr. Armitage's suggested charities.

Thank you for all your help!