Saturday 26 February 2011

My Hands are Bound (Short Blogging Break)

Dear followers, dear readers, dear friends,

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The computer problems caused so much trouble, though fortunately I did not lose any of my files, that I keep working all day long (and most of the nights).
To manage my participation at the FanstRAvaganza 2011, I have to take a break from blogging and will start blogging more regularly again after the event.
I already have some ideas for posts and notes for a nice Spooks9-sequel, which I will start after FanstRAvaganza. I hope you will like it and keep on following me.

All the best to you and till soon!


Saturday 12 February 2011

Murphy's Law and Computers

The first question I posed to myself, when my working computer crashed the first time was:
Are computers generally male?
In German they obviously are, as they all get the male article, but are they typically behaving in a male way?

With my comparison to fandom I came to the resolution, that at least for me a comparison between computers and men is justified.

But when my working computer, freshly repaired and all its interiors (electricity supply unit and motherboard) new, made lots of problems and finally crashed again, the obvious comparison was not so very favourable any more and I started to doubt if I was not a little bit unfair to compare men to computers. Especially when computers were so prone to work under the premise of "Murphy's Law".

Because my final result was:
You can care for them, do all they want and need and STILL they abandon you when you need them most.

I leave it up to you, if this is still comparable to male behaviour, but it certainly describes the late behaviour of my computers.

[You will have recognized, that I left out a certain male person of this comparison, as it is utterly unfair, after he gave lovely input for his fans again. Now even I, the absolute Hobbit-doubter, am convinced, that Richard Armitage will be a brilliant Thorin Oakenshield. I can even see, which role he will play in the funny and unruly group of dwarves and am looking forward to see him enact this 'leader of the dwarves'.]

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Sigur Rós and Richard Armitage

Servetus in her late post commented about the exceptional music of the group Sigur Rós from Iceland.
This brought me back to my first RA-video and reminded me, that for me, the music of this band had (next to the obvious influence by RA) the greatest impact on me to make my first RA-video.
I first encountered the music of Sigur Rós in videos about Richard Armitage and got so interested in their music that I searched for more. Their website was a great inspiration and the music used in the following video was freely available at the website during that time.

Since this time, I already have bought quite some of their albums and have them as constant companion on my mobile phone, as I travel a lot by train.
The only other audio files worthy to get space on my mobile phone, besides the audio-books read by Richard Armitage, are Beethoven and, if he behaves well, Franz Liszt with his orchestra pieces. You will have already deducted from my choice of music, that I normally avoid singers, so Sigur Rós with their quite instrumental use of voice is stunningly wonderful for me.
My favourite music by Beethoven I have already used in a video. In more senses than one it stands at the beginning for me, my fandom and this blog.

Perhaps I should try "Mazeppa" by F. Liszt next with a certain scene from Strike Back 2? I am sure, you easily can figure out, which scene I have in mind, if you know the beginning of the music ;o)

Blogger Sphere and Computer Break Down

Before I go on with my blog, I have to explain certain things ahead of time, before my next articles begin. My next few articles will not fit into the normal routine as they will refer to other blogger's articles.
While suffering from computer breakdowns, a full load of work crashed over my head, so I missed a lot of wonderful articles by other bloggers.
I have still not overcome all the left over work, but slowly cover ground also in fan-sphere and read some of the past articles. But to not bother the wonderful bloggers with belated comments long after the original discussions ended, I try to follow some of my ideas while reading their articles in blog posts here.
I promise it will not be long, before I come back to original topics again. I already have a few in mind waiting to forcefully break out of my head.

Friday 4 February 2011

He is back !!! - No, not Richard Armitage ...

My Schnuckie is back home ! Jippeeeh ...
And he will soon get a new companion.

But what name should I give his companion? He is really something very mega-hyper-fantastic. So only a really majestic name would do for him (of course he is male as well ;o)

What about Maximilian?
Big and great and ...

Oh no, the third reason I will not reveal right now. Perhaps at a later time here on this blog the connection will become clear. But for now - pssst! I will not say anything more ;o)
Oh yes, I like Max (short for Maximilian) already, but I also love Schnuckie and Mausie! - (I have to say that, otherwise they get jealous.)