Tuesday 8 February 2011

Sigur Rós and Richard Armitage

Servetus in her late post commented about the exceptional music of the group Sigur Rós from Iceland.
This brought me back to my first RA-video and reminded me, that for me, the music of this band had (next to the obvious influence by RA) the greatest impact on me to make my first RA-video.
I first encountered the music of Sigur Rós in videos about Richard Armitage and got so interested in their music that I searched for more. Their website was a great inspiration and the music used in the following video was freely available at the website during that time.

Since this time, I already have bought quite some of their albums and have them as constant companion on my mobile phone, as I travel a lot by train.
The only other audio files worthy to get space on my mobile phone, besides the audio-books read by Richard Armitage, are Beethoven and, if he behaves well, Franz Liszt with his orchestra pieces. You will have already deducted from my choice of music, that I normally avoid singers, so Sigur Rós with their quite instrumental use of voice is stunningly wonderful for me.
My favourite music by Beethoven I have already used in a video. In more senses than one it stands at the beginning for me, my fandom and this blog.

Perhaps I should try "Mazeppa" by F. Liszt next with a certain scene from Strike Back 2? I am sure, you easily can figure out, which scene I have in mind, if you know the beginning of the music ;o)

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