Saturday 12 February 2011

Murphy's Law and Computers

The first question I posed to myself, when my working computer crashed the first time was:
Are computers generally male?
In German they obviously are, as they all get the male article, but are they typically behaving in a male way?

With my comparison to fandom I came to the resolution, that at least for me a comparison between computers and men is justified.

But when my working computer, freshly repaired and all its interiors (electricity supply unit and motherboard) new, made lots of problems and finally crashed again, the obvious comparison was not so very favourable any more and I started to doubt if I was not a little bit unfair to compare men to computers. Especially when computers were so prone to work under the premise of "Murphy's Law".

Because my final result was:
You can care for them, do all they want and need and STILL they abandon you when you need them most.

I leave it up to you, if this is still comparable to male behaviour, but it certainly describes the late behaviour of my computers.

[You will have recognized, that I left out a certain male person of this comparison, as it is utterly unfair, after he gave lovely input for his fans again. Now even I, the absolute Hobbit-doubter, am convinced, that Richard Armitage will be a brilliant Thorin Oakenshield. I can even see, which role he will play in the funny and unruly group of dwarves and am looking forward to see him enact this 'leader of the dwarves'.]


  1. Oh no, it broke again? :( Sad to hear it. Hope "he" recovers soon!

  2. @Traxy
    Thank you very much, Traxy!
    I got Schnuckie back on Saturday, but now he is a blank computer and I have to install all programs anew. At least I have online access again! The rest will take a while till I am up and fully running again.
    With my current luck I also forgot one of my main licenses back at my parents, where I archive my programs, and only had the update files here, which of course did not work. By now I think I did not leave out much to make a single exception of the rule to prove "Murphy's law".

  3. Computers are so annoying! (like men? perhaps!) But I don't think I could stop using them now. That sentence doesn't sound good in this context. I don't use men, I swear!

  4. Hello kadamanja, welcome here and thank you for leaving a comment! I believe you (at least a bit) ;o)
    I started to 'use' my computers again, but am still a bit weary, how long they will work and observe their behaviour very closely. They made certain, that for the other way of 'using' I have no time right now ;o)