Friday 31 May 2013

Preparations & Hindrances for an "Intrigue"

You will surely wait for my continuing with "Intrigue" ;o)

I started preparing by seeing the whole of "Spooks", from the first episode to the last, again.

The fragility of Lucas North in Spooks 7 and 8 just had me mesmerised and I needed some time to continue with watching the rest of Spooks.
I really need to come back to "Intrigue" now, for my own sake and sanity of mind.
The story line of Spooks 9 just fits in so well with my story (what a coincidence ;o)
No, I really need to sort things out in my head and make sense of all the loose ends, rummaging around in my head from watching Spooks 9 again.

A hindrance on my way to "Intrigue":

Currently, I have a very pessimistic world view (no wonder after all my problems with computers, but those are not the cause for a change ;o)
Though I go through life with an optimistic attitude, this optimism rarely extends to myself. It also does not extend to poli*tics.
Lately, my experiences with poli*ticians were very, very, ... bad (and I must add that I already don't want or expect anything from poli*tics).
As I put Al Delarmy in a position where poli*tics [should rather be written 'poly-ticks'] play some kind of a backgroud role, I fear to let my experiences shine through too much.

Al Delarmy has a sceptic attitude towards rules and rulers all on his own.
Still, I fear to influence him too much to take a bad turn (or reveal too much of my own poli*tical pessimism).
So now, though we are similar in our pessimism, I need to try hard to keep my pessimistic influence on him to a minimum, to let his version of it come out.

Perhaps it really is a good thing that I will meet him soon in Hamburg.
He always wins every argument with me, so after our meeting in person, I am sure his wishes will dominate my writing again.
I am so looking forward to meeting my very favourite spy (on his mission for his own cause now).

After watching Spooks 8 and 9, I certainly can say, that my infatuation is far from over.

(Source: Own screenshot from "Spooks" 9.7)
A perfect role-play in a multitude of difficult layers of his character,
not at this point all obvious to the viewer.

(Source: Own screenshot from "Spooks" 9.7)
An observing and in control Lucas, John, Al again,
after an 'acted' breakdown ?

I am certainly in love with RA depicting 'bad' characters:
John Mulligan, John Bateman ,though I still ignore the truth about that and think of him only as
Al Delarmy, when he is not Lucas North.

I still do fear Guy of Gisborne, so he is not among them. While the other bad characters could easily get what they want with me, Guy of Gisborne would have a much harder time with trying to manipulate me. Perhaps because he never manipulates, but uses brute force?

Sunday 12 May 2013

At the Heart of ... Everything

You will wonder (or not) what became of me, keeping silent on my blog for so long.
After all the time, I had intended to do a nice little RA post over the long weekend, which I intended to spend relaxed and lazy at home together with my parents.
But if I tell you what I do most of the time, since the end of last year and far beyond, you won't ask for long and won't wonder what I spend my time with.

Last year, after all the computer break downs I told you about (and lots I did not tell you about and just struggled through), I finally bought a new computer.
Happy me ;o)
Now, you would think, my problems would finally have ended.
No, they didn't, far from it.

The new computer breaks down on a regular basis,
and after a repair, destroyling many of my so far unsaved work and mails, I was close to going crazy.
To keep my files safe, I had bought a small server together with the computer. When I was finally ready to start working with it (a month after the purchase), it had given up cooperation, so I had to send it in for repair (and so my files had not been saved when needed),
and don't even get me started on my telephone services. I could strangle the customer service person and avoid going close to the service center in case I really might do it. I certainly hate the new telephone I had to purchase because of their mistake(s) and stupidity.

But now, off to a relaxed long weekend ...

I get home to my parents. Finally far from my own internet and telephone line, only my notebook, still crashing on a regular basis, with me. But after a while one gets used to everything, so no worry on my mind.

First day, coming home. - Everything is fine. I fall into bed, so safe distance from any computers ;o)

Second day - The computers and phone lines seem not to have recognised yet, that I am home. Everything works fine ;o)

Third day - The computers seem to know I am home. No internet, not even a mini tiny little bit, and I had not even touched the line. ;o(

So, back to my daily business. Calling the hotline.
It is a Saturday. Usual tests from the hotline reveal nothing. (Why am I surprised? My computer problems never are the simple stuff.) So it has to go to the main technical staff, but they only work for a few hours longer and not on Sundays. If no feedback comes till the end of the day, my parents and I will have to wait till Monday.
Of course, there is no feedback. Why should there be a solution for me, when I am close to the computers and internet line of my parents?

So now, back at my 'working-home' and with working computers around me, another main central computer is a bit bumpy. At least my date with the doctor is a bit further delayed, as I did not get an appointment yet. Perhaps early next month ...
At the moment I just think it might be a side effect of acute hay-fever, as my doctor had warned me might happen years ago.

But I must not delay, I must use the opportunity as long as everything is halfway working and must finish this post!

How glad was I, to find a cute RA, to console me. Kermit and RA ;o)
Kermit for me is strongly rooted in a time, where no computer was even close to my home or even remotely related to my work. So Kermit is an excellent respite ;o)

(I am not, as some seem to be, envious of Kermit. I would rather like to bring a smile to RA's face ;o) [You know I am too shy to fully confess how ;o) But Miss Piggi need not be envious of me, nor you.])

I wish you working computers and hearts and ..., just that everything is fine !