Friday 31 May 2013

Preparations & Hindrances for an "Intrigue"

You will surely wait for my continuing with "Intrigue" ;o)

I started preparing by seeing the whole of "Spooks", from the first episode to the last, again.

The fragility of Lucas North in Spooks 7 and 8 just had me mesmerised and I needed some time to continue with watching the rest of Spooks.
I really need to come back to "Intrigue" now, for my own sake and sanity of mind.
The story line of Spooks 9 just fits in so well with my story (what a coincidence ;o)
No, I really need to sort things out in my head and make sense of all the loose ends, rummaging around in my head from watching Spooks 9 again.

A hindrance on my way to "Intrigue":

Currently, I have a very pessimistic world view (no wonder after all my problems with computers, but those are not the cause for a change ;o)
Though I go through life with an optimistic attitude, this optimism rarely extends to myself. It also does not extend to poli*tics.
Lately, my experiences with poli*ticians were very, very, ... bad (and I must add that I already don't want or expect anything from poli*tics).
As I put Al Delarmy in a position where poli*tics [should rather be written 'poly-ticks'] play some kind of a backgroud role, I fear to let my experiences shine through too much.

Al Delarmy has a sceptic attitude towards rules and rulers all on his own.
Still, I fear to influence him too much to take a bad turn (or reveal too much of my own poli*tical pessimism).
So now, though we are similar in our pessimism, I need to try hard to keep my pessimistic influence on him to a minimum, to let his version of it come out.

Perhaps it really is a good thing that I will meet him soon in Hamburg.
He always wins every argument with me, so after our meeting in person, I am sure his wishes will dominate my writing again.
I am so looking forward to meeting my very favourite spy (on his mission for his own cause now).

After watching Spooks 8 and 9, I certainly can say, that my infatuation is far from over.

(Source: Own screenshot from "Spooks" 9.7)
A perfect role-play in a multitude of difficult layers of his character,
not at this point all obvious to the viewer.

(Source: Own screenshot from "Spooks" 9.7)
An observing and in control Lucas, John, Al again,
after an 'acted' breakdown ?

I am certainly in love with RA depicting 'bad' characters:
John Mulligan, John Bateman ,though I still ignore the truth about that and think of him only as
Al Delarmy, when he is not Lucas North.

I still do fear Guy of Gisborne, so he is not among them. While the other bad characters could easily get what they want with me, Guy of Gisborne would have a much harder time with trying to manipulate me. Perhaps because he never manipulates, but uses brute force?

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