Thursday 31 December 2020

Happy New Year, my Friends !!!

 Dear friends and fellow RA-admirers around the world,

Last year, because of rarely blogging, not being up to date with RA-news and not feeling as if I had much to say, I did not wish you all a happy new year 2020 - and see, what year we had as a consequence !  ;o)

This year, I don't want to omit my annual greetings, though you otherwise rarely hear from me. 

Best wishes to you all and I wish you a wonderful, healthy and prosperous new year 2021 !!!

Stay healthy and safe and I hope you are well provided for and everything turns out in your favor.

Best wishes, lots of luck and all the best greetings to you all, my friends !!!


Greetings and cheers,

CDoart ;o)




Friday 29 May 2020

Blog Reunion Day - 2020

Natazukii started this idea, of a blog-reunion of all RA-bloggers.
What a lively community it had been back in the year 2012, celebrating a blog event, shows the Fanstravaganza page with all the linked articles.
I am now one of the mostly silent RA-blogs and am not at the height of all news and updates, so I don't feel comfortable with commenting all too much either.

Natazukii in her tweet wanted to know, what became of the former active bloggers.

Now, here is what I did in the meantime and what kept me from actively taking part in the fandom lately:
I learned a new technique (or rather many, and I am still actively learning more) to achieve some results I could not get elsewhere, or at least not with the necessary specifications, attention to detail and quality I expected from the results, as what I wanted crossed many disciplines and would require a whole boatload of specialists.

An example of some of the techniques I learned and what I have been doing is here:

But of course, my fingers were twitching to do something more RA-related. See what snapshots I caught:

Biker Richard

What glorious movie ideas run through my head, when I look at these images of biker Richard or sophisticated philanthropist Richard ... ;o)

Philanthropist Richard

But I also did something for fun in between all the work and so created a little (blue) 'Richard', as the little guy reminded me so much of stick figure Richard:

Little Blue Richard

So that was what I have been up to. Though not blogging about Richard, not entirely absent of the RAtmosphere.

I hope you enjoyed my journey and have a lovely BlogReunionDay 2020!