Monday 29 October 2012

King Richard & Magic

King Richard magically appeared again this year, in the media and hopefully also for real, when the mtDNA can confirm the archaeological find.

But what has King Richard III, who is magic, especially in combination with Mr. Armitage and his intended project of a film, to do with magic?

Servetus researches this in a week of pure magic:

See her first post, analysing the question: Was Richard III really threatened by witchcraft?

Saturday 27 October 2012

New Suggestion for King Richard III ...

If the English towns can't decide where to bury King Richard III, I would suggest some neutral ground.
Perhaps Bavaria?
You smile? - Believe me, it really would have some points in its favour, e.g.

  • it has rough climate, which is associated with the English north,
  • the people are naturally grumpy, which also is said to be part of the Northern mentality of England,
  • Bavaria has lovely catholic churches enough to chose from
  • it is neutral ground, as King Richard had no bad experiences, enmities or betraials from Bavarians whatsoever
  • and in addition, Bavarians nowadays love their Kings, even when they had their bad sides as well
  • Bavarians only revolted and rose up, when their kings tried to swap or sell them or the kings had 'affairs de coeur' outside their marriage, so King Richard is at no danger at all here.
F├╝ssen - Artificial lake in front of Castle Neuschwanstein

King Richard really could feel at home in Bavaria and relax.

As both towns, Leicester and York temporarily were against King Richard and his family, Bavaria, which never opposed him, but together with the emperor even sent some soldiers to his aid, really could start a 'rescue party' ;o)

I sit back and am curiously watching the escalating fight with now a new party.  (I must extend my rose analogy somehow, as now there are Westminster, York, Leicester and Worksop, fighting more or less for the king.)

In my opinion the whole fighting has one really good side, it keeps King Richard III at the top of the news, when otherwise the interest would have gone down, till the results of the mtDNA research come in. So it is an excellent marketing technique for our 'forgotten' king under a carpark and seems like he has his hands in it somehow.

But regarding otherworldly and magical influences, we will hear more soon ...
After all, Halloween is fast approaching ;o)

Roses and Spam

Did I ever pretend that I understand the internet?

Lately, I encounter a flood of Spam comments here, not about any word closely spammy, but no, because of the word 'roses'.

If roses would go by any other name, ...

The spammers even, as far as I can make out, come from one single country, where roses do not grow easily, but need a lot of artificial watering and protection.
Do they want to clear the field for their glass house flowers and instruct spammers to do the dirty work to later be able to flood the market?
Whatever the reasons, it still is strange and bothersome. But right now, this country, otherwise not or only accidentally appearing in my visitors list, suddenly jumped to place one of my visitors statistics.

So what is to do, to get the spamers in check? Avoid the word roses? No!

On the contrary, I like roses, especially the old and wild ones. I even have two roses with a name and the smell of the rose du Resht just is .... a dream ...

Rose de Malmaison

Rose du Resht