Saturday 27 October 2012

New Suggestion for King Richard III ...

If the English towns can't decide where to bury King Richard III, I would suggest some neutral ground.
Perhaps Bavaria?
You smile? - Believe me, it really would have some points in its favour, e.g.

  • it has rough climate, which is associated with the English north,
  • the people are naturally grumpy, which also is said to be part of the Northern mentality of England,
  • Bavaria has lovely catholic churches enough to chose from
  • it is neutral ground, as King Richard had no bad experiences, enmities or betraials from Bavarians whatsoever
  • and in addition, Bavarians nowadays love their Kings, even when they had their bad sides as well
  • Bavarians only revolted and rose up, when their kings tried to swap or sell them or the kings had 'affairs de coeur' outside their marriage, so King Richard is at no danger at all here.
Füssen - Artificial lake in front of Castle Neuschwanstein

King Richard really could feel at home in Bavaria and relax.

As both towns, Leicester and York temporarily were against King Richard and his family, Bavaria, which never opposed him, but together with the emperor even sent some soldiers to his aid, really could start a 'rescue party' ;o)

I sit back and am curiously watching the escalating fight with now a new party.  (I must extend my rose analogy somehow, as now there are Westminster, York, Leicester and Worksop, fighting more or less for the king.)

In my opinion the whole fighting has one really good side, it keeps King Richard III at the top of the news, when otherwise the interest would have gone down, till the results of the mtDNA research come in. So it is an excellent marketing technique for our 'forgotten' king under a carpark and seems like he has his hands in it somehow.

But regarding otherworldly and magical influences, we will hear more soon ...
After all, Halloween is fast approaching ;o)


  1. You are on to something here, CDoart! If the fretful British can't get to a (premature) decision, why not Bavaria! England has treated the king with scant respect (understatement),so does he not deserve a peaceful place for belated repose? :D


    1. News is already breaking that the decision might have fallen already. The Ministry of Justice seems to have decided the battle in favour of Leicester Cathedral. So unfortunately, Bavaria no longer has a chance. What a pity ;o)

  2. And the Bavarians put up with Ludwig II. Wonder what they would have done w/Henry VI?

    1. Hello Servetus,
      With King Ludwig II you have the favourite king of most Bavarians ;o)
      And to decide who was the 'mad' party in the arguments during his reign is not always clear.
      I would most likely put my finger on someone else, not the impressive inventor King Ludwig ;o)
      With King Henry VI, I think, Bavaria would have chosen one of the not so healthy mushrooms as a solution. But rather think, one of the many Bavarian neighbours would have seized the chance and taken over the land of a weak leader. So think, either Bavaria was united and military strong or lost.

  3. Darn it! I was trying to be sort of neutral - but I really wanted York Cathedral! (That seems to have been Richard's wish.)Ludwig! Giggle! Interesting taste in architecture. He certainly had imagination.


    1. Hello fitzg,
      Sorry regarding York. With Leicester, I perhaps can console you. King Richard started his campaign before Bosworth from there and had intended to go back to Leicester after the battle, as he had left his posessions there. So at least, Leicester seemed to have been a safe place for King Richard then.
      Ludwig II and his phenomenal architecture, trying to break the law of gravity with his magnificent tower at Neuschwanstein. He even tried to get an invention by architect Gustave Eiffel to be built in Bavaria. Perhaps the Tour d'Eiffel would not have worked out, but think of all the tourists, that would have brought to Bavaria.
      Even now, most tourists solely come to Bavaria to see King Ludwig's castles. What in comparison is there the small effort to profit from King Richard III in Leicester ;o)

    2. Well, not solely ... *cough* We also came to try the food! :D

      Speaking of which, those Nürnberg sausages, you can get them at Lidl here in England! We had some with a potato/sweet potato mash (it's what we had available) and I thought it would taste better the way it was served in Nürnberg, with potato salad and Sauerkraut. Lidl, strangely, didn't seem to have any, but we found a jar last night in Tesco! Now I just need to find out how a German potato salad is made. And buy more sausages.

    3. Hello Traxy,
      I am not the best Kartoffelsalat-cook ever, as I have my issues with cooking potatoes ;o), but I am very selective which kind of them I like, as you see, there are quite a few variations and different ways to make it.
      My favourite with a variation I like very much is:
      Cook whole potatoes
      Prepare onions (dice them)
      Use vinegar (not Balsamico or something with extras)
      Sugar (a little bit)

      You can either cut the potatoes in slices or press them through a (very large) sieve or grid (as hot as you can bear to touch them. Don't let them cool down.)
      Put in the onions
      and add vinegar, oil, sugar and salt to taste and a bit of water, to regulate the consistency.
      With the water temperature, you somewhat control the consistency of the salad. If you like the potato slices to be compact, use cold water. If you like the salad more clumpy (like I do ;o) use warm water.
      Some like to add pepper as well, but I don't.

      A variation I like very much is, to add the vinegar from pickles or sometimes add some sliced in very finely.

      Some also like to combine potato salad with cucumber.

      Another way to make potato salad, is to entirely make it with mayonnaise, but to Nürnberger I would recommend the other way of making it.

    4. Forgot to mention, you should peel the potatoes, otherwise the salad might become a bit bothersome ;o)

    5. Thanks so much for the tips! Will let you know how it turns out. :)

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  5. Bavaria is great! I hadn't really heard about Ludwig II until our visit there, but I read up on him a bit online and he was a fascinating character. :)

    Maybe they could put R3 in the Marienkirche? Or the other one, where they put kings. Seemed like there was plenty of room in Marienkirche, though! ;)

    1. Oh yes, the Frauenkirche and the Theatiner Kirche would be great.
      It was a pity that the Odeonsplatz was occupied by the large event, so we could not have a look into the second one.
      Also the Feldherrnhalle (hall in front of the Theatiner Kirche, dedicated to military leaders of Bavaria, could be extended to be for Bavarian leaders and King Richard ;o)
      King Richard would fit to Munich very well, as Munich already has a strong affection for 'Richards', e.g. Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss.
      Good that it is not for me to decide. I would turn the world map around ;o)

  6. LOL
    well now we can only hope the fall out of all this press will boost interest/funding for a televised series!

    1. I so very much hope that it will work out now. I am so curious about the result and the filming has not even started, much less the planning and preparation work for the film is finished ;o)