Tuesday 19 April 2011

London - Freemasons Hall and MI-5

I just cannot stop thinking about the lovely time in London and have to continue a bit longer about my discoveries:

A quite interesting comment about the Spooks-setting of MI-5 headquarters in Thames House is on the M-5 website here:
MI-5 reference to Spooks-setting
[Edited (27.10.2012): The original link has changed and now MI-5 has a short note regarding Spooks at the end of this page: MI-5 new reference to Spooks-setting.]

The Freemasons Hall was a 'must see' for me, as it had been on my first visit to London, years ago. Freemasonry was a major topic of research during my history studies, so I took the photo without reference to Lucas North, but it just gets much more purpose and effect with him there, expecting him to come round the corner at any minute.

Freemasons Hall, London (Spooks - MI-5 headquarters)

This is, contrary to what one could expect, not the main entrance. The entrance of the building is at the left side street. The museum and main temple are well worth a visit, even without Spooks and MI-5 background, so if you come to London, try to get in there. The district around also is very lovely and Seven Dials has a nice shopping area with a delicious cheese shop. Mhhhh.... what a lovely lunch that had been at a bench on the Victoria embankment ;o)

Here some more Spooks-related impressions from London. I think no further explanation is needed:

Waterloo Station, in Spooks mostly shown from bird view

London Eye

As Ingrid kindly pointed out, Thames House is the hidden building at the dark spot at the right side of the following picture. Thames House in Spooks got the entrance from Freemasons Hall.

The nearly hidden "Gurkin".
Once again the Exhibition Hall with the London Eye at the right side.

And what is London without the Houses of Parliament and its national anthem.

Saturday 16 April 2011

London - Lucas North everywhere ...

Since my last visit to London (I will not reveal how many ... years that lies in the past ;o) the town has greatly changed. I loved London back then, but now, I just adore the town (and because of a wrong bus I must admit I have seen quite a lot of it, even the southern outskirts and I have even found a hill !!! (For a Bavarian used to mountains as hills not such an easy feat!

But I must admit, Richard Armitage also has enhanced my appreciation of the town.
Otherwise why on earth would one take such a picture ;o)

But I even saw the bookstore Waterstone's near Picadilly filmed in Spooks 8.3 and the Festival Hall, where Lucas North meets with Sarah Caulfield. Here I would most likely have taken the photo even without Lucas North, but with him it is just much more fun ;o)

But strangely the closest connection with Spooks and the role of Lucas North I felt, when by accident I discovered, that St. Martin-in-the-Fields is not somewhere far out, but right in the middle of town at Trafalgar Square. I went to a choir concert there and though Lucas North was not filmed in there, I still felt close to his role at this special place.

As you can see, the weather was beautiful during the week, though still quite cold.
But for all fans of rainy London weather, I also have a quite foreboding picture with clouds.

My love for London still grows and the friendly weather whenever I visit the town is really very welcoming.
Now I am back home, really tired and exhausted and will need some time to recover...

Thursday 7 April 2011

I am off to London - Town of Spooks and Richard Armitage !!!

It has been sooooo long since I last have been in London. I hope I can be like a sponge and take in all views and experiences from this one week.

As it is a business trip, I am sure I will come back totally exhausted. But still ... London !!!