Saturday, 16 April 2011

London - Lucas North everywhere ...

Since my last visit to London (I will not reveal how many ... years that lies in the past ;o) the town has greatly changed. I loved London back then, but now, I just adore the town (and because of a wrong bus I must admit I have seen quite a lot of it, even the southern outskirts and I have even found a hill !!! (For a Bavarian used to mountains as hills not such an easy feat!

But I must admit, Richard Armitage also has enhanced my appreciation of the town.
Otherwise why on earth would one take such a picture ;o)

But I even saw the bookstore Waterstone's near Picadilly filmed in Spooks 8.3 and the Festival Hall, where Lucas North meets with Sarah Caulfield. Here I would most likely have taken the photo even without Lucas North, but with him it is just much more fun ;o)

But strangely the closest connection with Spooks and the role of Lucas North I felt, when by accident I discovered, that St. Martin-in-the-Fields is not somewhere far out, but right in the middle of town at Trafalgar Square. I went to a choir concert there and though Lucas North was not filmed in there, I still felt close to his role at this special place.

As you can see, the weather was beautiful during the week, though still quite cold.
But for all fans of rainy London weather, I also have a quite foreboding picture with clouds.

My love for London still grows and the friendly weather whenever I visit the town is really very welcoming.
Now I am back home, really tired and exhausted and will need some time to recover...


  1. I went to London a few months ago and although I did not seek out any filming locations, I did discover some by accident. New York is my favorite city, which is why I live there, but London is a lovely place to visit! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. Getting lost is a lot of fun!

  2. @bccmee
    New York I have only seen one airport, but the town must be exceptional, judging from what I saw from the plane.
    Getting lost in London really is fun with a travel card where you can take every bus and transport you like, turn round, go again and travel as long as the ticket runs. - Really ideal to discover a town. With the double decker busses it is nearly as good as a sightseeing tour.
    I did not search for the film locations either, but they just are so conveniently spattered over the town that I just could not resist taking photos and as I love "Gurkin", I have lots more ;o)

  3. So glad that you had a good time Lucas spotting :)
    Thanks for the tales and the photos of your visit.

    I haven't been back to London in many, many, years, but it's one of my favorite cities in the world.

  4. Thanks for sharing your pics. I actually got excited at your Santander pic, I guess because is Santander in London=RA.

    Hopefully some day I'll visit London too.

    OML :)

  5. @Fabulaktuko
    London really was wonderful. Thank you very much for your comment.
    I love the town and feel a strange connection to this for me foreign town. Years ago I also did history research concerning London and the town always manages to capture me.

  6. @onemorelurker1
    London is worth a visit. My travel companion agreed with me, when I told her, London is a picture book and she added, that it is a fairytale book ;o)
    I think a big part of the attraction of the series "Spooks" for me is the showing of London. Not that I do not like the action of the series, but the views of London are a major incentive.

  7. Your last photo shows Millbank Tower in the background. Thames House is situated between it and and the Houses of Parliament. It's the dark, lower block of buildings between the two landmarks. When you stand in front of it you realize how huge and impressive it really is.

  8. London is so amazing! I was lucky enough to finally get to Britain last July. I also took a picture of a Santander sign! I still haven't finished blogging about that trip. But here was my first post about it:
    There were quite a few places in London that reminded me of the Spooks locations. I can't wait to see more of your pictures!

  9. I just love the UK period and London is certainly part of that. My favorite thing to do there is to somehow get the locals to visit with me. Of course having a very strong Southern accent helps. Not that I laid it on thick or anything. ;-)

    RA's Santander ads weren't running when I was there, or I'm sure I would have taken a picture. :D

  10. @ingrid augstin
    Welcome here and thank you very much for your explanation. It makes the photo much more compelling.

  11. @phylly3
    Thank you very much for your link. I did not see your article.
    I do love the town and there is still so much more to explore. One extra bonus of my Waterstone's visit was, that I found a guide to the secret places of London. Now I have something to read while I am far away from London ;o)

  12. @rafrenzy
    Yes, with locals it is more fun. I absolutely agree with you. I love the British way of life, the pub culture, the way to utter criticism in form of a praise (oh, or rather not, but it is much more polite than the German way of just criticising everything and leaving the politeness out of it ;o)

  13. I am glad you found Waterstone's! I was looking for it, but missed it. I went in a different one and bought a book, but it wasn't the same! I heard that the Waterstones main store was the same store the used to use for the tv show "Are You Being Served?" For that alone, it is worth visiting! :)

  14. @phylly3
    Oh, I missed the "Are you being served?".
    But I will miss the "Thank you, my dear" and "hello guys" as well. When a security guard checks your ticket and says "Thank you, my dear" it is just priceless.
    Nothing grumpy like back in Munich. But I must admit, the police here was quite nice as well, especially when I told them that my passport was specially printed for the journey ;o)