Thursday 7 April 2011

I am off to London - Town of Spooks and Richard Armitage !!!

It has been sooooo long since I last have been in London. I hope I can be like a sponge and take in all views and experiences from this one week.

As it is a business trip, I am sure I will come back totally exhausted. But still ... London !!!


  1. Oh lucky you!! I am jealous! Lovely gif of the bridge! It really is spectacular!

  2. Business trip or not, hope you have fun! :D

  3. @phylly3
    Thank you very much! I found the gif on and it was ideal to get into London-mood ahead of the journey.

  4. @Traxy
    Thank you, Traxy! It was business with lots of sightseeing. Just absolutely wonderful with a travel ticket for a week to being able to jump on every available bus and to see the town. I can only recommend that.

  5. @Nat
    London is lovely and in my opinion Spooks did a great job in showing off the beautiful side as well as the 'normal' and hectic side of the town. I just adore the various shots from a plane and also the 'hidden' camera perspectives where the actors just mingle with the passers by. It makes it so likely that Lucas North just might stroll round the next corner and that makes the town even more alluring.