Monday 28 March 2011

Poll - The Results ARE ... Surprising?


The poll from the final day of FanstRAvaganza has ended and the results are in:

What really made me wonder was that "The Rover" had a slow start in this poll.
But understandable, as I like most fans from abroad would have a hard time to get to see it at all.

My Max did not hit the top three either ;o( No matter, I love Max (and my computer with the same name). I am glad that 5 merciful souls had pity with me and voted for him. (1 vote was my own ;o)

Top-three (four) winners of the poll are:

1. Leading TV role - literary adaption
On the last day 'TV - literary adaption' overtook Cinema - Jippeee another "North & South", no queue would be too long to keep me from seeing it.

2. Cinema - leading role
"The Hobbit" by far is not leading enough. Come on, producers, get your wonderful scripts out and cast Richard Armitage. The fandom is waiting!

3. Strike Back II + III / Theater production
The third place two options have to share, as they received the same amount of votes. In their kind they are quite different and compared to "The Rover", who had a slow start, at least for me the high result of the theater production was surprising.

The fourth place also is quite interesting. Once again, two options share the same number of votes: Leading role in TV-show (!) / Anything that comes along
For the TV-shows I can only recommend the FanstRAvaganza article by Traxy. I have not seen any of those shows and without a TV set only know some by name. I know that some or most of them have a German copy, which mostly is much worse than the original. So you see, I am biassed and not a reliable source to judge this point.
But on the other hand, the other option once again shows that Richard Armitage has an exceptionally loyal fanbase and he really does not have to worry which roles he choses.
At least most of us will follow, as long as he is happy with the choice.

One last point I must draw out of this poll is, that 10 voters (I must admit, I am among them) believe, Lucas North / John Bateman is not dead after "Spooks 9".
That is really a good result!

Thank you for taking the time to visit and vote! I hope you had fun with the choices and the result.


  1. I think you are right about 'The Rover', as much as I would love to see him in a theater, living outside UK, it wouldn't be accesible while 'Leading role in TV show' which is one of the options I voted, is something that one way or another, sooner or later I would get my hands into (the tv show if not the man himself, hehe).

    OML ;)

  2. I haven't had a chance to read your Gold Card yet unfortunately, so I couldn't vote for it. I think with The Rover, the problem is that it would be in a theatre, which means that not everyone can see it. Not like a TV show or a film, which will be released on DVD and that you can see clips of on TV. I'm just happy to see him on screen at all. :)

  3. Yes, theatre would be inaccessible for me unless RA was to bring it out to Oz like Ian McKellen did with "Waiting for Godot". TV adaptation would be terrific imo.

  4. @onemorelurker1
    Yes, I also feared, that I would not get a chance to see the "Rover" and did not vote for it. Also, I must admit, his role did not really tear me into the piece. But this would not have distracted me as long as he is in it.
    But a TV show is much more likely to be recorded and somehow would find its was online by the aid of a merciful U.K.-fan. By far better for us abroad ;o)

  5. @Traxy
    I absolutely agree, everything RA is in is fine with me, as long as I can see it.
    Don't worry because of the Gold Card. I just made fun and I really love my new computer Max ;o)

  6. @Mulubinba
    That is a great idea. He could do theater, get immediate feedback of his audience and we would be able to see the TV recording of it. Wonderful, I really like that thought!
    Then I would even have nothing against him doing "The Rover" ;o)