Monday 21 March 2011

FanstRAvaganza 2011 - Finale


If Richard Armitage had enough time to fulfill all our wishes, which role(s) would you like him to play next?
I evicted all possible non-leading roles, as I presume you, as much as I, would like him to play only leading roles.

I must admit, I am very prejudiced in this poll and not in the way you might suspect. For sure, I would like Richard Armitage to play Max in "The Gold Card". This would be more than only one dream come true (more like a wagon-load of dreams). But I also would like him to get a chance to further develop and realise his ideas about "Richard III". He has such an eye for detail that I would like to see the results he would be able to achieve.

FanstRAvaganza 2011

has been such an exceptional event for me, that I even pushed important work into the background of my life and made space for the wonderful experience of fan community.
I combined all FanstRAvaganza posts in a list, as I will have to go back and read the wonderful content posted during this week again and again and again. There were such lovely stories, videos, thoughtful portrayals of fans and fan-fiction, e.g. concerning Guy of Gisborne from "Robin Hood" and Harry Kennedy of the "Vicar of Dibley", that one week is not enough to do them justice.
FanstRAvaganza effects will last for me much longer than the one short week of pure bliss.

Such a lot of negative developments currently surround us worldwide, which I in my blog posts consciously left out and did not mention.
Servetus, Traxy and Mesmered included them in such a gripping way, that their articles brought me to tears.
To support Richard Armitage in his efforts to help, I have added his suggested charities to "Recommended Links".

FanstRAvaganza for me was a kind of refuge either from hard working conditions surrounding me at the moment, as well as the horrible developments around me and in the world.
I hope, my small contribution was able to give you a short retreat from troubles and you enjoyed a happy time on my blog.

All the best to you, wherever you are and whatever your believes are.
The world is colourful and great in its variety and would be a lesser place if it were otherwise.

In this sense I wish you all the best, luck, health and success, whatever you do and wherever you are,
Christine (CDoart)

Comment for readers of "The Gold Card"
Please excuse the sometimes fragmentary way of writing my story "The Gold Card". Due to extreme time pressure, my plans for writing and editing the story at leasure did not work out.
The excuse comes here at the end of FanstRAvaganza, as I only want the excuse to reach those who really had patience with me and read the story. I still hope, you got the idea of the story line and enjoyed "The Gold Card".
I absolutely cherish your encouraging feedback!


  1. I lost my comment....

    As I've mentioned in a comment before I don't read fanfic, but I want to thank you, Christine, for all your time and hard work. You indexed all the FanstRAv posts on a continuing basis and added so much good stuff with your fanfic, to lighten people's loads.

    It has been an absolute honour to post by your side. Thank you!

  2. @pi
    That is very kind of you to say! I enjoyed to be part of FanstRAvaganza together with you very much and was and am very glad about your support of my posts!
    Thank you! I will miss FanstRAvaganza.

  3. I agree with PI, Chrsitine. Thanks for all your hard work with this!

  4. @Mulubinba
    You are so sweet. Thank you very much for reading and sympathising with the characters!
    Your feedback and support really kept me going.
    Thank you!

  5. Let me add my thanks to the others regarding your wonderful and useful chart listing all the FanstRAvaganza bloggers and their individual posts. It really helped me keep up as much as possible during a very busy time in my life. I'm very grateful for your service, CDoart!

    Also, I love your idea about linking to Richard Armitage's charity page and I am going to follow your example.

  6. Thank you, bccmee!
    I loved your encouragements during this week and they helped me keep it up. Now to be example for you, my highly admired vidder, is praise of its own and I will value it together with your Gold Coin. Thank you!