Wednesday 26 June 2013

After 530 Years - Time for Good King Richard

After 530 years,
Mr. Armitage, now it is your turn to rule over England - and some other obedient countries and subjets from areas not yet named or found (from an English point of view) 530 years back ;o)

But please, don't stop after just two years !!!

King Richard III is a good example how best to extend one's influence and even manage to gather supporters after 530 years.
Mr. Armitage, take the crown and fight for a better 'England'.
(Can't we create a European crown for him, just so he does not have to de-throne an existing ruling family?)
Richard I, King of Europe,
does not sound too smashing,
though the national anthem is great and was created by Friedrich v. Schiller, my favourite poet and writer.

Never before thought I had even the least bit of a patriotic streak in me, but as long as it is not for my own country, that is rather o.k. for me. (Just to explain for all non-Germans and non-of-my-generation, to be patriotic here would have been one step into destruction in the time I grew up. So you will never in my life see me swing my countries flag, even though in newer generations football (U.S.: soccer) made it o.k. for some to do so. Though it still raises my suspicions to no end. - Just the German flag, no other one has this effect on me.)

There was never a place more aptly named than our 'Europa Platz' in Munich. Chaos rules at every end. But when I think about it, was it so much different 530 years back?
Monetary problems,
trade problems with foreign traders and countries
everybody believes he knows what is best and in the end nothing works
people out of work
injustice and money rule

The problems seem to not have changed so much, though 530 years went by and still slavery to money, betrayal and opportunism rule worldwide.

Should we make our King

King Richard I, King of the World (at least the female part)?

We could really use a 'Good King Richard' now.