Tuesday 8 February 2011

Blogger Sphere and Computer Break Down

Before I go on with my blog, I have to explain certain things ahead of time, before my next articles begin. My next few articles will not fit into the normal routine as they will refer to other blogger's articles.
While suffering from computer breakdowns, a full load of work crashed over my head, so I missed a lot of wonderful articles by other bloggers.
I have still not overcome all the left over work, but slowly cover ground also in fan-sphere and read some of the past articles. But to not bother the wonderful bloggers with belated comments long after the original discussions ended, I try to follow some of my ideas while reading their articles in blog posts here.
I promise it will not be long, before I come back to original topics again. I already have a few in mind waiting to forcefully break out of my head.


  1. here is me saying hi!! Catching up on you too! :-)
    and *psst* I started a little something too; you can find it on my profile! *wink*

  2. @iz4blue/Fanny
    Thank you for visiting and letting me know about your new blog.
    I am looking forward to your posts and already had a stroll through your wonderful fan video collection! Thank you for joining the RA-blogger sphere!

    The link to this new RA-blog is: