Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Picture of Perfection

Today, I got a wish granted !

Ali posted my picture of perfection (or is it the picture of the day?) on


This image is a shot in the middle of a transformation on his face. He goes from annoyed to amused to interested in milliseconds and a load of mini-expressions, which only Servetus could describe properly.

Though that small transition from amused to tolerant, just happening/having happened in this screenshot, is how I presume he would look at me, if he ever by accident should encounter me. Slightly amused, tolerant, patient, ... ;o)

Still, I would like to ask him so many questions, but in real life, I know I will not have the bravery to ask them ;o)

You ask what questions? 
Loads and loads and a heavy accumulation of notes and pieces of paper already.
Alone his Budapest connection and his trip to Vienna would give me loads of material to grill him - and I would not even need to mention the circus.

So it perhaps really is best, I am not a reporter.

Also I would like to ask him, why he once mentioned he would like to learn German. It for English ears must be a guttural language, as it uses more parts of the mouth than English speakers in general do. Would he go for a northern 'dialect', a middle/southern one or the strict stage language? Has he at all decided yet and what area(s) would he like to see and visit to accompany his language learning, if at all.

Another part I surely would ask RA without end, would be about his preparations for Spooks in series 9. What did he make of his character, what of John Bateman, what outlook did he give him, what alternatives had he prepared, what really worked out - what not, ...
What was planned with the not available helicopter at the end?
What differences / preparations he felt uneasy to leave behind from the two previous Spooks series?
How Spooks helped him for Thorin Oakenshield
. . .

And that still is entirely without mentioning King Richard III!

You see, it really is best, I never get close to RA, otherwise I would never stop asking questions ;o)

If you have questions you would like to ask him, please comment. Suggestions are very welcome, to complete my kilos of notes ;o)


  1. Hi CDoart, belated Birthday Wishes to you. Alles Gute für Dich! I saw that picture on Sunday over at and thought it very special. Terrific one. Wanted to leave you a note right away, but your last post was a while ago and I considered it not adequate to comment there. (I'm probably a bit complicated from time to time.... ;-)) Though, now! The picture of perfection!!!
    I really like your questions. They're all interesting and they would be exceedingly worth an answer from Richard. Remember that quote about learning German, but at that time had wondered at it and thought it totally out of coherence. And now it seems even more unlikely for him to have time to learn a language. Has he actually ever been to Germany? I'm certain if I would ever coincidentally meet RA (huhh), I would be so dumbfounded and in any case would only try to desperately (survive) make small-talk to him about obvious issues. What interests me over all is how he manages to get back to "reality" after such a long time of intense work, concentration and immersion into another person. How does he know where the real Richard beginns and ends? (Hope this makes sense ? :-))

    1. Thank you very much, Linda60! Herzlichen Dank!!!
      I celebrated my birthday with seeing "The Hobbit" in Cinema Munich in English and HFR ;o) What a delight that was ;o)
      Sighhh, want to see it again and again and ....

      I think, I could not really ask RA a single question in real life and small-talk would be well beyond the 'emergency-functions' of my brain ;o) [I am not good at small-talk, even at the best of times, though I try to train and prepare, but prepared small-talk just is 'rubbish', though my abilities to talk about the weather grow. I need really to feel comfortable to do it and that certainly would not be the case then ;o)
      I am a much better listener than talker in conversations and can easier get others to talk ;o)]

      The only chance for me to get my questions out would be to bring my notes, shove them over, smile politely and hope for the best ;o)

      Your question in my view is a great point. I would like to know that, too.
      Considering the self-abandon necessary to fully embrace and show the emotions of the character, I would have a very hard time to letting myself fall in such a complete way. I would be much too self-aware, self-conscious and just shy to risk receiving critique or even showing myself in such a vulnerable state. I would fear that complete letting go and would imagine it like drowning in the role.

      It really would be interesting to know, how RA sees acting and his embracing his roles and finding back again. A really interesting process and question, Linda60!

  2. Hallo CDoart - happy birthday nachträglich. Ich wusste nicht, dass du eine Landsmännin bist ;-).
    Anyway, as regards questions - well, I would grill Mr Armitage on his attitude towards photography (naturally). I would also like to talk to him about music. What is on his iPod right now. What music did he listen to when he was 14? 20? 32? I'd love to hear his thoughts on the business he has chosen to work in in general. Oh, and I would like to know what he *really* thinks about the fan adoration that he is presented with :-)
    Having lived in an English-speaking country for well over a decade, I am quite adept at small talk at this stage, even in stress situations such as meeting your "movie boyfriend", so I think I would be able to small talk coherently. However, I would probably only manage to do that by suppressing my fangirl side completely and by treating him a bit nonchalantly...

    1. Oh, Guylty, what great questions!
      Sorry for answering so late. This week was a bit crazy for me and I am behind with everything, though I try hard to keep up.
      I just pushed all important telephone calls to be done/answered next week ;o)
      With your ability for small talk, I would push you to the front and put my list of questions in your hands ;o)
      Just had some meetings this week and one of my 'small talk' partners afterwards complained, that he did not know anything about me, but I know his life's story now. Not fair, I know. I try hard to become better at it ;o)

      Liebe Grüße und bitte weiter so mit den wunderbaren Foto-Artikeln und Analysen !!!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday! The Mercury article is splendid! Well done!


    1. Thank you so much, fitzg !!!
      The article brought wonderful attention to the film-petition and a significant increase in signatures ;o)

  4. Baleted Happy Birthday (((CDoart))):*
    Congratulations on your recent achievements :)

    1. Thank you very much for your hugs and lovely greetings, Joanna!
      The article brought in wonderful attention. That is absolutely great and I so hope the film project will come to fruition.
      Warm hugs to you, (((Joanna)))