Tuesday 14 June 2011

Intrigue - Part 2.4: Nothing to Disguise

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The following content contains violence and situations, which might be offensive for some readers.
So be warned and do not read on, if James Bond like situations do not appeal to you.

Hamburg, Germany -
Source: CDoart - Hamburg 2002
Town famous for the burger and its red-light district.

Al was here for neither, though he would not mind some fine and large dish.
The food on the container ship had been hardly edible. They must have chosen their cook as they had chosen him as specialist for their machinery, especially their large motors. Fortunately everything had been well kept and no problem beyond his abilities had occurred.

They even had wanted him to stay on for their next contract tour to Casablanca, Morocco. They would carry loads of old European cars down to Morocco, where the TÜV regulations were not as strict as in Germany. A lucrative tour for all participants. Al had refused. He had personal business here in Hamburg, he had explained. Though he stayed the two days they needed to get the required papers and the unloading space at one of Hamburg’s cargo docks.

It also gave him time to do some research concerning his local contacts.

Source: CDoart - Hamburg 2002
Hamburg was a town of big business. Where better to start than in the motherland of those companies, who had employed him back in his time as drug agent. All assignments had been under the strictest cover of secrecy and in all deniable operations. That had been the reason why he had been stranded in Dakar, when one operation went not as previously planned – or at least not as it had been agreed upon with its executor, him.
Why that was so, he was here in Hamburg to find out.

He had to thank Vaughan for giving him that lead, though he had not had the least idea of what he had revealed to him by contacting him, calling him John Bateman and bringing him into contact with Maya again.

He had loved Maya back then, though he never revealed his true identity to her. She on the other side had made good use of the contacts he had provided her with. Becoming doctor in one of the most famous clinics in the middle of London and here director of a medical department was something only influential connections could achieve; learning and knowledge were nowhere sufficient for such a task.
He honoured it very highly that Maya would have left her comfortable existence and lucrative career for him.

With sadness he thought about her senseless death. He had hoped their love would be strong enough to overcome her doubts and the denouncements of his ill-informed colleagues. But he had not been able to reveal the truth to her, and as it had been revealed, he could not even trust her though she professed her strong and undying love and even was prepared to sacrifice her comfort. When even she had readily betrayed him without further proof of the accusations against him, a revelation to his ‘former’ colleagues was completely out of the question.

Al wondered, where one external informer like Vaughan, whom Harry had called unreliable and brewing his own mixture in all the intrigues of politics and power, got full access to the inner sanctum, the secret files of the MI-5? He must have had high and mighty contacts, to get that grade of access and very important helpers to remain in obscurity though the MI-5 had investigated all access files, after the discovery of his own, admittedly planned obvious, break in with the access code of the young technician.

There had only been three persons in their department with that high an access and enough technical knowledge. With his fake break in, he had ruled out one, though Vaughan thankfully took this as his going along with his blackmail.

With his approaching Malcolm, who had retired some time ago, he had ruled out the second one of his suspects.

Only one was left now, knowledgeable and able enough to play that stunt.

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  1. This mystery goes way back! I do hope that Al/Lucas/John doesn't get tortured too much in finding his way in Hamburg.

  2. No, I will not torture him over much, bccmee, I promise. He had a really hard life already and he is my cherished hero ;o) ♥

  3. Oh Maya, she did declared undying love, yet he made sense to her once the 'truth' was revealed to her. How could you leave everything behind and follow a man she hasn't seen in 15 years and didn't make sense to her... *sigh*

    Malcom, it was such a shame he wasn't use more, he was only there to be the one to tell Harry what Lucas was looking for.

    So who is this 3rd person that can do it, is he there in Hamburg? At least Al has an advantage, he is supposed to be dead, so no one will be expecting him.

    OML :)

  4. @onemorelurker1
    I did not really understand their purpose with Maya. The scriptwriters used her so strangely, that I just had to use her a bit more and turn her round and make her a tiny bit evil as well.
    And I missed Malcolm too. He was such a good example that technical knowledge has no age-limit and there is not a monopoly for young people.
    The 3rd person is ... psst ... I canot reveal it right now, but it will affect the whole team. Unfortunately it will take us a bit longer to find this person out. Fortunately for us, Al knows who it is ;o)

  5. Hate to tell you this but...... a hamburger IS NOT a sandwich!

    A sandwich (an English invention) is made with 2 slices of buttered bread. It has nothing to do with hamburger buns.

    An English man, the Earl of Snadwich, is credited with starting up the whole idea of a sandwich by requesting that some sliced meat be put between 2 slices of bread so it could be brought to him on a battlefield

  6. @kathryngaul Thank you very much for following the story Intrigue, Kathryn! I used the German definition of 'sandwich' as you would order one in e.g. Hamburg. You would not necessarily get slices of bread when ordering a sandwich in Germany. I know the story behind the invention of the sandwich by Lord Sandwich and the different meanings and forms of sandwiches in different regions, but thought it would be o.k. to use it in the rather unspecific way the word is used in Germany, as Al Delarmy is here and has to get something edible in Hamburg. Though I would recommend for him to eat one of the wonderful fish-sandwiches or one of the wonderful dishes or rolls with deliciously prepared fish instead of a 'Hamburger'.