Wednesday 8 June 2011

Intrigue - Part 2.3: Nothing Escapes

By reading any further, you state, that you are at least 18 years old.

The following content contains violence and situations, which might be offensive for some readers.
So be warned and do not read on, if James Bond like situations do not appeal to you.

A bonus-video today. Please excuse the obsession of a London- and ship-lover ;o)

Al hid in a church, not one he was very familiar with, but his hiding in a catholic church off the main tourist tracks would ensure, that nobody would likely know him or connect him to ‘Lucas North’.

Night fell and he stayed hidden during the night. He avoided unnecessary movement from his hiding place to avoid setting off the most certainly installed alarm system. When in the early morning hours the church was opened again, he came out of his comfortable hiding place in the priest’s seat of a confessional, remained in a church bench for a while longer and then unobtrusively left the church.

The city already began to come alive though it was still dark. He moved closer to his meeting point, where he had arranged to be picked up. Closer to the Thames embankment and closer to the parliament building and his old working place. Where better to hide than in close sight?

A self-conscious smile crossed his face, before he collected himself and walked on to hide beneath the bridge, where he would be picked up in about an hour. The sound of an approaching motor boat got him to full alert. It was still long before the arranged time. A police boat came upriver. He hid behind a barrier, but the boat drove on, but minutes later returned with full speed.

They turned the boat around again, departed some way up the river and came back again as if in search of something.
When they slowed down the boat near the bridge and cut off the motor, he heard them speak.

“… not up to speed. Turn it round and let’s try again farther upriver …” before they departed for the final time.

They were just testing new police equipment. Al silently released his breath in utter relief.

When the boat he waited for took him up an hour later, he was quite sure that Harry must have kept silent about the wrong body. Otherwise his troups would be all over London by now.

Al was still not sure about Harry’s motives, but time would have to show.

His way lead him via a trailer boat upriver, where he met another one, with which he in disguise as a helper would go back downriver to the international freight harbor farther down the Thames River.
There he would get on the vessel he really intended, with which he would leave the country. The cargo ship with the destiny …

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  1. Nice use of the soundtrack, clips, home movies and stills from Strike Back, Spooks and your trip to London. As I was watching, I could hear sirens from real-life blaring along with the sounds of your video which added even more tension, LOL!

    Lucas is very clever to start his getaway on a container ship. He is the master of blending in and he has the strength to do the work required for his role. Very excited about the next chapters!

  2. @bccmee
    Thank you, bccmee.
    Really detective work of you concerning the sound! I tried to leave as much natural sound in as possible and included some wind and wave sequences form my London-videos to give it a natural touch.
    Though for most parts I had to cut it out and replace, as the wind was too heavy for my microphone and the ship's captain was a funny bone and did not stop making jokes about his passengers. But the nice thing was, he also had an interest in curious events in the history of London and told some really funny stories ;o)

    I liked Lucas on the container ship. He seemed to feel so natural and at home there. And he reminded me a lot of John Porter.
    The container ship will be the ideal entrance into his next destination. (I just could not resist to cut off the story here to keep the tension where Lucas/Al is headed for a while longer ;o)
    Thank you for following the story, bccmee!!! I hope I will not disappoint you.