Monday 13 June 2011

First Attempt - I Ruined 6 Needles

Dear Readers and encouraging Commentators,

Thank you very much for all your encouraging feedback to my violin post. You helped me very much and slowly I begin to see, why my nightmares had the connection to Richard Armitage.
He starts playing cello after years of not using his talent and I should do the same.
This weekend I started by caring for my violin and replacing some of the strings. But as one especially keeps tearing apart, the A string, I have all others, but not this one left and have to buy a new string set first before I can start practicing again.
One poem about Richard Armitage playing the cello I got for encouragement and I want to mention it here. DarkJackal32 posted it in a comment to my blog-post. It is so very lovely and sensually covers the attraction of playing the cello. Violin is very close to it. You take her in your arms and caress her. She will be able to feel your every emotion. That is also the reason, why violin and I can imagine cello as well are such cruel instruments to start learning, as they will reveal all your weaknesses ;o)

This weekend I also used for another test and attempt. With 6 ruined needles you can imagine, that is was very close to total failure, but at least I have a first result to show you.
I really did try to make a bag, but as I did not trust my abilities to transform the picture in a working stitching motive, I started on a ready made bag out of some kind of plastic fabric.
Here is my first result (The 6 ruined needles are removed, so you should be able to make out the object of admiration):

I will have to keep on trying to get a digitalisation, where I do not ruin so many needles next time. I will keep you updated on my results.
But now I also fear to use that bag. When I go out shopping, I would most likely draw a crowd of women ... Possibly I should cut the picture out and put it in a frame for me alone to admire ;o)


  1. Wow! That is amazing! You are right. I would have to follow you -- to find out where to get such a lovely bag and to ask if you were a fan too! :) Who knows? you might meet up with one of us somewhere!

  2. Your bag turned out very well! Wouldn't it be funny if by some miracle you bumped into RA while carrying it? LOL!

  3. @phylly3
    Oh, that would be lovely. Meeting through the RA-bag ;) We would sit together and talk about him over a cup of coffe somewhere. What a great idea! Now I should take the bag and go out, but I fear, not many would recognize him here. No-one I ever met in my surrounding knew him. But with this bag I could try that out.
    And I think women will follow me anyway with such a lovely man on my bag ;o)

  4. @bccmee
    Thank you, Bccmee! I think RA would recognize that something was amiss before he even laid eyes on the bag, because of a very red-faced and very embarrassed woman holding that bag. Perhaps being a dwarf and being able to creep into a hole in the earth would be a craved possibility for me at that moment ;o)
    I think that attempt of me would give him quite some cause to laugh for a while ;)

  5. I love this! You have many talents. :)

  6. @darlingdarling
    Thank you very much!!! ;o)

  7. Where can I get one? Do you take orders? Whose doing the production line? I'd love to go shopping with your bag on hand.

  8. @tedgirl
    Thank you very much for your lovely feedback to my bag test ;o)
    I uploaded the picture to a production site, so if you like, you can get a copy, not stitched but printed. It is not an open order page, so please get in contact with me (e-mail address can be found under "About") and I will send you the link.
    Thank you ;o)