Sunday 26 June 2011

100. Post - Celebrations !!!

The 100. Post

I cannot really believe it myself. What did I always talk about?
Oh, one person and one person only ;o)
That must really be an exceptional person to write 100 blog posts about, considdering I do not even know him.
I am not even the only blogger writing about this person.
There are lots of wonderful blogs, communities, forums, tweets, facebook fan pages, etc. out there, all for this one person.
(I do not even want to start a list here, as this post likely would never come to an end ;o)

That person really must be a miracle, and yes, in my opinion he is:

Richard Armitage


At first I wanted to include Champagne and glasses to celebrate, but is there a better way to celebrate than with a picture of Richard Armitage himself?
He is much more dangerous and headier than Champagne...


  1. Woohoo, congratulations on 100 posts! I look forward to the next 100. :)

  2. HUUURRAAAY. Congratulations - keep on writing - I will be reading:)

    BTW: FAAAAAANTASTIC picture - LOVE it.

  3. @bccmee
    Thank you so much!!! It is so much fun writing this blog with such a wonderful follower!!!

  4. @alfie
    Thank you very much for commenting and for following !!! It is a joy writing with so wonderful feedback !!!

  5. Congrats Christine! Hope to celebrate soon 1000 posts ;o)

    OML :)

  6. @onemorelurker1
    Thank you very much, onemorelurker. It is wonderful to have such supportive readers. Though I will have to warn you, you must stay for a while till I get to 1.000 posts ;o)