Tuesday 14 June 2011

Intrigue - Part 2.5: Nothing to Trade

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The following content contains violence and situations, which might be offensive for some readers.
So be warned and do not read on, if James Bond like situations do not appeal to you.

Vaughan revealing to him that he still believed him to be John Bateman had told him, that Vaughan still did not know the true intrigue behind the Dakar happenings. He was not in possession of the true background story and had not had the confidence of the contractors back then.

But what role did the Chinese play in all of this? Did they not know or, as Al suspected, had they intentionally used Vaughan and his petty motives to get to torture John Bateman, a man now working for the MI-5 under wrong premises, making him his willing tool?

What motives did combine the leak inside the MI-5 and Vaughan?
To find all that out, Al was here in Hamburg to get in contact with his old contractors, who only knew him as John Bateman and once had let him down and left him stranded in Dakar, before changing their mind and reactivating him for the bombing of the embassy, informing him, that Vaughan would get in contact with him with further details.

But most of all they had needed the contacts and information he had gained during his imprisonment for details about a chemical formula. A dissenter against the current government had developed a super-drug, making the skin age more slowly with a lasting effect and making other cosmetic products or Botox injections quite unnecessary. The man had had the good instinct to keep all his files and recordings about this development a complete secret, so all sent agents and bribed colleagues were useless to acquire this formula.

The bombing had not been to destroy or kill people, but to destroy all evidence that this invention ever had existed. The scientist had sent in material to the ambassador to get registered with help through the embassy and in consequence a visa for the U.K.

After the bombing and the successful destroying of all evidence, Al had feared to have become their dispensable scapegoat and had prepared his silent departure from their employ.

His friend Lucas North, or the man he had held for Lucas North, had provided him with the ideal opportunity for an exit, when he mentioned his reticence to really becoming a badly paid spy for the MI-5.

Contrary to what Vaughan believed, he had not killed Lucas North, who had been quite glad to get rid of his invented identity to fool the strict enrolment tests of the MI-5.

With John Bateman ‘killing’ Lucas North in front of witnesses, Vaughan, no further questions about his departure would arise in Dakar.

As Al had really remained with this fake identity, he had had quite some work to do to fill in the blank spaces his friend had left in the background of his character. It had taken all Al’s skills to make this invention work and to create a tight and believable background story to get through all further MI-5 tests.

With Harry Pierce as his lead officer, he had found a working environment he had craved to really be part of. He had worked day and night to fulfill Harry’s high expectations. And when he had believed to be at the peak of his goals and get the promotion to officially being the section chief, he had been imprisoned in Russia.

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  1. I'm glad to hear that the real Lucas North is not dead. Too bad Maya died...I was hoping her death was faked too. :(

  2. @bccmee
    I am sorry, but I could not bring Maya back. Not that I would not find an excuse and get her out somehow via a dramatic emergency operation in an ICU, but I do not understand her character and so am glad to be rid of her. Her bahaviour for me was so that I sat there stunned and only thought - strange woman, where did the scriptwriters misplace your heart.
    I promise, I will try to find someone nice for Al ;o)

  3. Lucas North was also a fake identity for Al's mate in Dakar? A fake identity that he didn't want and so Al took it, right?

    OML *trying to keep up with all the details*

  4. @onemorelurker1
    Thank you, OneMoreLurker, for your feedback. I am trying to go slow and readjusted a bit of my story line to get the back-story out of the way before going into the real action.
    First I had tried to show this all through the events of the new story, but imagined, that would be too hard to comprehend with all the identity shifts. So now I put Al in a thoughtful mood to relive parts of his backstory for us ;o)