Thursday 16 June 2011

Intrigue - Part 2.7: Nothing Comes Back

By reading any further, you state, that you are at least 18 years old.

The following content contains violence and situations, which might be offensive for some readers.
So be warned and do not read on, if James Bond like situations do not appeal to you.

Kehrwieder – “Come back”, what a name for a street in the harbour of Hamburg.
Al was not sure if he wanted to come back. If his job here was done, he would be glad to be gone never to return.

But before that could happen, a hard, nearly impossible operation lay ahead of him. To break into the security system of one of the world’s best guarded men. Modern technology, high numbers of security personnel and lots of personal guards, his own and those of his guests, which were very influential people in world business. This all made the mansion that man lived in nearly unbreakable.

Al intended to make his the one exception to prove the rule. What better way to break into a place than to enter it openly? He would get himself invited.

The Chinese had provided him with enough money for the ‘Albany’ files to easily be able to pull all necessary registers to make his invented back-story believable. – He would go in as Russian oligarch, enjoying his time in Hamburg’s brothels, throwing around with money and leaving the right hints at the right places. As reference contacts he would use some of the established Russian spy contacts, Oleg had hammered into his head. The contacts would answer that they knew him whatever name was asked of them, as they would expect an agent of their country was on a mission for Russia.

The first thing Al went out to organize was hire a local body-guard company to expect him at the airport. Nobody would believe his story if he did not pretend to fear for his life. Alexander Litw*nenko brought it home what kind of gratitude Russian citizens expected from their government.

His nearly perfect Russian language skills should suffice to pass muster, as the body guards were German and if they were not from the East they would have to use English to communicate with him, as his German consisted only of a few essential words to get something to eat but nothing more.

Al faked a perfect arrival by flight from Russia by getting into the security area of the airport while using a police uniform and entering the area as if he were at home there. As he did not go near the heavy security zones of the departure areas, but only entered the exit area behind the luggage return, his entering caused no further attention whatsoever. He easily could get into a toilet, change into a business suite and get out of the light security zone at the exit for his intended flight from Russia. The two body guards, both as big as he was, but bulkier and heavier built men, welcomed him directly at the openly allowed exit. They took their job seriously, Al recognized. He would have to be careful around them to not get them on his trail and make them suspicious. But as it was, he paid them and as an eccentric Russian they as Germans would expect quite a lot of strange behaviour from him - and that they should get.

For the first he asked them for nice company for the evening. He saw in their faces that this was exactly what they had expected of him. So, let’s go on not to disappoint his guards. When they asked for his luggage, he answered with a light tap on his breast-pocket and murmured in faked broken English: “Money”.

Source: CDoart - Hamburg 2002

The hotel had already been arranged according to their security suggestion. They arrived in the secured car park beneath the hotel in a secure limousine with tainted windows.

The hotel was one of the best addresses in town and had an exceptional view over the Binnenalster. He was reminded of another 'fake' agent, James Bond, who had visited this hotel once and had to smile over the coincidence.

Al felt alive. How he had missed this role-play during all his paperwork for MI-5. It was good to be rid of Lucas North.

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  1. Al/Lucas/John does seem to thrive while acting undercover. I can imagine hearing him speak in Russian! To me as an American, it sounds all right too. :) LOL at the James Bond reference!

  2. @bccmee
    Lucas / John / Al enjoys to get his story all alone. All others are on second place, even Harry Pierce. That is very good for his ego. And I try to keep him happy by giving him a sightseeing tour, while he is not at work for the story ;o)
    I do not speak Russian, so everything I might use will more or less be a cliché. I will try to avoid it as far as possible.

    I could not resist the James Bond reference ;o) I had been in Hamburg shortly before I saw the James Bond film (I think "Tomorrow Never Dies" where the car crashes in the flower store, falling down from the park deck of the hotel garage. And I only told, yes, there I walked and no car fell down when I went by ;o)

  3. This is getting very exciting, all that role play is very fun to... in this case, imagine. Stereotypes sometimes are useful, aren't they?

    OML :)

  4. @onemorelurker1
    Oh yes, stereotypes are very helpful, especially for such a talented spy as Al. He plays with all our expectations and even reads the stone-faced body-guards like a book ;o)
    I found his Russian pair of glasses he wore in Spooks 8.5 in the bank scene really ugly and gave him only a business suite without glasses this time. But nothing can hide our lovely RA and I especially like him in formal business wear with a cravat ;o)

  5. I kinda like guys with glasses, so I thought he looked good and played the russian oligarch pretty well IMO. On the other hand, glasses tend to 'hide' eyes and his are beautiful, so with or without he's fine to me.

    OML :D

  6. @onemorelurker1
    I do like glasses on men as well, just not his 'Russian' one's in Spooks. Perhaps because their strong lines distracted and hid too much of his lovely face.
    I liked John Porter with his sun-glasses. What a sight and he handled them so well. Sigh... ;o)

  7. Ohh the sun-glasses! He does look very sexy with them...

    OML *in dreamland* :P

  8. I can't agree more, onemorelurker1 ;o)