Wednesday 22 June 2011

King Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage and King Richard III

- a project I would really love to see become reality in whatever form Mr. Armitage might want it or is able to get it produced -
For one, I do love to see Richard Armitage performing, but even when he does decide to not take a role in the play himself, I still would like to see his ideas and his attention for detail at work for the creation of a 'new' history about king Richard III.

That we do honour our 'hero', that he does deserve to be king, at least we as fans know for sure.
That he has the right qualities to be and portray a king, here I am sure that the next photo will be able to convince even the last doubters ;o)

Sorry - Picture has been deleted !!!
The used crown was a Wittelsbacher crown which
because of bequest regulations only can be used in direct context.

(The picture of the crown is from and is a Bavarian kings crown.
Source of the RA picture is:

DarlingDarling has set up a new Facebook page "Richard III for Richard Armitage" to support Richard Armitage in his efforts for the film about "Richard III".
She as a rather new fan asks for our help to support and to spread the word about this effort to help Richard Armitage via that method.

Please join in and lets see, if we fans really can change the world to make it better, at least a tiny bit for Richard Armitage's film ;o)

It is a kind of birthday present (you know, the still secret one ;o)

Thank you !!!


  1. Thank you CDoart! I LOVE the graphic and I am going to add it to the FB page if you don't mind. :)

    Richard has been working on this project for so long and it is a very personal project for him since his father named him after the king.

    Please join this effort to show the BBC that there is indeed an audience for this project!

  2. @darlingdarling
    You are very welcome to use the picture. I was a bit unsure about the crown, but they do not mention any copyright or photographer and promote the picture to be printed out to create your own crown in their kids program, so I think the use should be o.k.
    The RA picture is so heavily edited, that I could not correctly pin it down to the source picture, but am sure it was from

  3. Hi! I wanted to post on my blog about the effort to get RA's film made. Would you mind if I used your photo of crowned Richard? :)

  4. @Charleybrown
    Thank you for commenting, Charleybrown.
    You are very welcome to use the picture from my side.
    I could not find clear copyright regulations for the crown, but as they allow free download and printing of that crown, I think it should not be a problem. To be safe anyway, perhaps you can insert the links concerning the source material of the picture somewhere: and
    or just put a source link back to my post, where the picture sources are mentioned.
    Whatever you like. I am glad you like the crowned Richard Armitage ;o)

  5. Okay thanks! How could I NOT like a picture of Richard wearing a crown?! Great job!

  6. Thank you very much, Charleybrown!

  7. Oooh, interesting. Will have to check it out when I get home as I can't access FB at work.

  8. I'll definitely favorite.