Thursday 2 June 2011

New Zealand - Featured Guest Country of the Book Fair in Frankfurt in 2012

For all book-lovers and Hobbit-fans, just a short in-between-notice to let you know about a fantastic news.
New Zealand is the announced featured guest of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012.

Hobbit- and Armitage-Country is the main focus of this major book fair and meeting point of the worlds book trade for one week in October 2012.

An appointment with this undercover spy I must not miss ;o)

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  1. Cool! I hope you give a complete trip report. :)

    Thanks for posting my siggie by the way.

  2. Yes, I will, only it is still soooo long till October 2012. But I am quite sure they chose New Zealand because of "The Hobbit" ;o) Jippeeeh <;o)

    I hope you do not mind because of your siggie. It is so very funny!
    I just recognized that I did something wrong with the link and it only goes to your main site. I had intended to directly link to your blog post with the siggie. I will correct that.

  3. So you are planning to go there? That would be fabulous!!

  4. @phylly3
    Next year for New Zealand I will most definitely go, so G#d allows it. I am not sure about this year, I had already been in London. But Frankfurt 2012 with New Zealand, our dwarf- and Hobbit-land, as featured guest - how could I possibly miss that? <;o)