Thursday 2 June 2011

Intrigue - Part 1.4: Who Died

By reading any further, you state, that you are at least 18 years old.

The following content contains violence and situations, which might be offensive for some readers.
So be warned and do not read on, if James Bond like situations do not appeal to you.

Was he still, after all what happened the last days, allowed to feel glad, that it was not Lucas, or however he had called himself, who was lying in front of him?
George Henley saw the relief on Harry’s face and had stopped mumbling and continuously speaking. He was used to do recordings of all his doings and discoveries on tape and slowly this professional method had leaped into his daily behaviour. But now he went out to wash his hands and left Harry alone for a few moments, to grasp the extent of their discovery.

Harry only started to see the bandwidth of implications and what really must have occurred.
Lucas must have meticulously planned this all along. His stealing the body from his double out of MI-5’s secure forensic examination cold house, preparing the body to once again take his place to leave himself enough time for whatever he wanted to do.

How could he have expected less? Lucas was a master in disguise, a genius in manipulating the perception of events. He congenially had manipulated all their expectations of his activity to leave himself ample time for escape wherever he chose to go.

He must have planned well, as he had intended Maya to come with him. What connection to Maya did his plans have to make her presence necessary?
Or had it really all been for love?
Harry was not sure what to believe. Lucas not being able to meet his true love for so many years just did not ring true to him, though the emotional involvement of Lucas had been quite obvious on that roof top.

But what was the worst for him to stomach was that Lucas had not trusted him, whatever his plans and motives were.
And could he really blame him for that? He had jumped to conclusions, had taken the lead that Lucas was a rogue agent without so much as trying to prove his innocence. Did he even for one moment consider, the hints could be misleading?
He would have to have a closer look now at all the accumulated evidence. As it looked now, Lucas even added to those hints, as he wanted him to come to this and only this one conclusion, but why?

What did Lucas really search in the well hidden inner sanctum of MI-5’s data pool? He had gotten access through a young and brilliant programmer, whom he blackened with his fake money transfer to hide his own true intentions. A lot of files had been touched back then. He would have to find out the real reason for Lucas’ deed- He no longer believed in Lucas searching for the Albany files. He easily could have found out the truth about them in all the files involved back then.

Lucas, the meticulously working mind, who covered all angles and possibilities before he started to strike, did not seem likely to hand over a weapon to the Chinese where he did not know its effects to their full extent.
Had Lucas not been in the Chinese embassy alone for some time before they had caught him and had to hand him over to the British police forces?

He had to do some research, but before he could start with that, he would have to cover up some tracks himself.
To pronounce Lucas to be still alive would not help his own research.
Lucas must openly be declared dead and better remained so.

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  1. So we've seen the real Lucas at least the 1st half of the season.

    Oh I'm so biased! I agree with this:
    "To pronounce Lucas to be still alive would not help his own research."
    However it hurts to read this:
    "Lucas must openly be declared dead and better remained so."

    OML :P

  2. @onemorelurker1
    You want me to spill the secrets ?
    Yes, I will, but not all at once ;o)
    I must keep some things back. Where would all the fun be in it otherwise? ;o)
    But I can reveal so much, though it is a not very helpful hint, I love 'Lucas' ;o)

  3. Lucas is a better agent than I thought, LOL! Did he expect Harry to cover up the fact that his is not dead? Is that part of his plan? Certainly Lucas would realize that the forensics exam would reveal the truth that Lucas is not dead.

  4. @bccmee
    Oh, Harry and Lucas, what a difficult father-son- relationship. Your questions are not so easy to answer right now, but a part which will shed light on it will follow soon ;o)