Wednesday 29 December 2010

Vaughan and the Mobile Phone

One aspect that was irritating me from the beginning, was, that Vaughan was able to reach Lucas / John on his business mobile phone. This number would be secret and only known by other members of the secret service with special data access or Lucas own department.

Who was the leak or why did Vaughan have better data access than Lucas himself?

Lucas / John can’t reach Vaughan’s data, but Vaughan can reach his, though he is not officially working for or inside MI-5.
How strange! Why was Vaughan so important for the MI-5 that they secured his files with such a high access level (A)?
His further way did not show a hint of his importance. Harry Pearce did not really set his trust in his value as informer. The information Vaughan gave at the meeting with Harry Pearce in episode 9.7 was not really valuable, as this must have been the information Harry already knew before the meeting.

Is the security level for Vaughan’s files just an element to make him a more fearful opponent for Lucas / John?
Is his ability to reach Lucas / John at any moment he chooses serving the same purpose?


  1. Good point. I never considered that. It is one of those plot inconsistencies, that may make sense if we ever saw the big picture. But maybe there is no big picture, and it is indeed a flaw. I hate not knowing!

  2. @phylly3
    Thank you for your nice feedback.
    I also search for a big picture in all of this. I think if I were to meet the scriptwriters, I would take them hostage till they give me all the answers ;o)

  3. The phone thing bugged me too! I was thinking, "Wait ... how did he get that number? That's Lucas's WORK PHONE!" And I don't think that was ever established. So full of holes s9 should be nicknamed the "Swiss Cheese Season".

  4. @Traxy
    The "Swiss Cheese Season", what a funny and fitting name for Series 9 ;o) I really enjoy this description! Thank you!