Friday 10 December 2010

The Chinese and John Bateman

The Chinese kill squad had Lucas’ photograph. Why?
They did not actively try to kill him or press information from him except indirectly through Vaughan.

But would I need a kill squad for that?

What information did the Chinese have, to know about the hold Vaughan had over Lucas / John, when even MI-5, after vetting him and the close work connection he had with Harry, was without an inkling of what really was going on?

What still bothers me is, that Lucas had Chinese figurines in his flat in series 8. Why did the scriptwriters not make more of a connection here and give these hints some meaning? As it is they are only random puzzle parts left behind and forgotten on a carpet, where you never will find out how the whole puzzle should have looked like.


  1. You are so right. They had so much to work with, so why they went where they did is a mystery to me!
    I think one of the biggest problems was that they tried to do too much in too short of time. They used to have 10 episodes to tell the story, then they cut it to 8. Two more episodes could have made a huge difference to filling in some of the plot holes!

  2. @phylly3
    I absolutely agree with you. Some more parts would have really helped to explain more of the background. They had such rich elements and just did not use them any further.
    I also had the impression, that they really did film some telling parts for "Spooks 9" and left them out in the final cut. For example RA hints that Lucas has lots of hot scenes with Maya. Where?
    I sometimes really would like to see all the filmed but not used material for Spooks 9. Perhaps that would help to explain the real intention of the scriptwriters and probably would give us some hints concerning the background.