Tuesday 7 December 2010

The Home Secretary – a Dangerous Position

To continue my previous post about “Alternative Storylines”, I had set some hope in the new home-secretary back in series 8. For him dropping out of the story with Ross at the end of series 8 was a big loss for me. I had hoped till the beginning of series 9 for him to survive, as I would have used a hotel trolley to get him to safety.

I liked the new aspects and slightly youthful humour of his character. I still well remember his Twitter comment annoying Harry. What great laugh I had about that ;o)

Turning my loved and trusted old home secretary bad was the first illogical step for me in the wrong direction of Spooks 9.
I here do not (!) want to say that this sequence was not played or executed well. I very much enjoyed Harry killing the old home secretary for justice sake. (I think I am not entirely as peaceful as I thought I was when I wrote this post.)

The continuity of character for the first time really was destroyed to gain an effective plot. This giving up logic in a series is for me as fairly new in the series environment quite hard to understand. To me it very vividly brings back to mind why I normally do not bother to watch series at all.
But the main gratuitous muddle was Lucas North. Here I really would like to know, what the scriptwriters wanted to achieve with this character.

Developing the destruction of a character in such a complete way shows, that British film industry still has excellent talent to perform, execute and show such a thing.
Still, from a viewers perspective, I would like to at least get some hints or explanations, to fill the, for me, illogic development with some sense.

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