Monday 20 December 2010

Harry & Ruth and Lucas’ Feelings

Why does Harry not give Ruth the post of section chief after Ross?

I mentioned in a previous post her very individual approach to research. Her way of research is brilliant, but hardly can be called systematic. This associative and emotional way of approach can go well, but can go wrong as easily. Does Harry see this and see her emotional way of working as a flaw?

Does he choose Lucas / John because he does not show any emotions like Ross?
Even Tom Quinn and Adam Carter showed some emotions.

So I dug a bit deeper to find out, that Lucas, at least in the previous series, showed a wide variety of emotions as well. Just to name a few:

Gratefulness (towards Russian informant and former connection of Harry in Moscow – Spooks 7.7)

Friendship and respect (towards Ross, especially in series 8)

Revenge (by trying to get even with his Russian tormentor Katchimov and later with his interrogator Dasharvin)

Compassion (with the young boys, Dean in 7.6 and Ashoc in 8.7)

Love (for Elizaveta Starkova, Sarah Caulfield)

Compared to this deep feeling character of series 7 and 8 Lucas / John grows flatter every moment in series 9. His only focus is his passion for Maya Lahan.

I explicitly do not want to call it love as it is not in any way shown as a caring and sensitive feeling. It is depicted as manic obsession. Why Maya cooperates is unclear to me. Her motives remain completely obscure as is most of her background or life. Her only moment she is shown with colleagues in 9.7 she shows more life and joy than in her whole time with Lucas / John. That is a very strange aspect of their relationship for me, as she is prepared to give up her known life to follow Lucas / John.

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