Friday 31 December 2010

Parallel between Ruth and Maya – Rehabilitation of the Scriptwriters

While re-watching episode 9.8 one aspect which hit me with its deep meaning was the parallelism in the filming of Ruth’s rescue and the shooting of Maya. The camera technique and the cut of these scenes is brilliantly done and carries so slight criticism though not openly making it a topic, that I was really impressed what effects Spooks can reach with cutting techniques alone.
Lucas / John, the bad spy, rogue officer and killer, does not kill his involuntary helper Ruth or even the no-name step-in for him, whereas Harry, the in contrast good spy, with his rescue team kills Maya as well as the no-name ‘Lucas’ step-in.

I even doubt that Lucas / John really intended to poison Ruth.
It is never mentioned, that he indeed had the poisonous substance in the mixture he injected Ruth. This ambiguity of possible interpretations in Spooks 9 is congenial as well as irritating. This is the reason, why first my interpretation was heavy on the side of irritation and now, only slowly after re-watching Spooks 9 from beginning to end, grows heavier on the side of congeniality. All the hints are such a deliberate network of possible interpretations that I admire the scriptwriters now for being able to create such a full and potent ambiguity.

And now, after re-watching the whole of Spooks 9, I really think the parallelism and indirect criticism of our evaluation of good and bad is deeply ingrained and very much intended by all the makers of the film and by the scriptwriters. This in a very gripping way shows the closeness of good and evil and wants us to evaluate our concept of it.

After a long time, I really must admit, I admire the scriptwriters for their thoughtful and well calculated construction of Spooks 9. (Even the issues I have with Lucas are well placed by the scriptwriters to distract any clear concept of this person. This still irritates me a lot, but even that is well calculated by the scriptwriters.)

Directly after the parts of series 9 came out, I watched and re-watched each part over and over again till the next part came out the following week.
But now, to my absolute astonishment I must admit that watching the whole episode from beginning to the bitter end again did me good.
After watching Spooks 9.8 this one episode totally brought me over to appreciation and admiration. Before, I still had been doubtful, though I really love the interrogation scene in 9.7. My appreciation still does not mean that I do not see the discrepancies in Lucas’ characterization and background, but these elements do not disturb me so much any longer.

Now I can finish this year really satisfied, though lots of my questions still remain unanswered. Spooks 9 – at least the storyline of each single episode for me is brilliant and actors, producers, cameramen and crew really did top all previous Spooks and those I already admired greatly.
Only the hints and characterization and the unused possibilities of Lucas / John still remain open wounds for me. I still think the scriptwriters made a blunder with the characterization and background together with its related hints of Lucas North. But it was the only thing they blundered. The other things they got extremely well right, so the rest of Spooks 9 now is settled.

When I think that I feared re-watching so much and now am really glad I did ;o)

I can now end the year with absolute admiration and adoration for the extremely well written episode scripts! The magnitude of depths they got into relatively short episodes really impresses me!

In part, I think my new Urizen-interpretation triggered the new approach towards Spooks, which lead me to appreciate the storyline and the breaking down of Lucas / John much more. So in combination the William Blake post and re-watching Spooks 9 was a good finale of the year 2010.

I hope you will find a good finale as well and have a wonderful and happy start into a successful New Year 2011 !

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