Monday 27 December 2010

Good Intentions - But No Years End Sweep

I was a bit masochistic and watched Spooks 9.1 today.
I had the indistinct and unfortunately wrong idea, that watching "Spooks 9" with some distance and all my blog posts in between could help me finish my grumbling together with the year ;o)

The main result of watching episode 9.1 was, that I had new questions. (As if the one’s I still have were not enough already.)
Why did Vaughan in his first meeting with Lucas / John imply, that they had wanted world domination back there in Dakar?
All the rest of information revealed about the Dakar bombing, either by Lucas / John, Harry Pierce or Vaughan, does not support this quest for world power.
Also a bombing of an embassy seems a rather ‘unimportant’ target for gaining world domination.

A suspicion grew in my mind, that the beginning and the end of "Spooks 9" do not fit together. Was there a change in intentions or a change of the responsible scriptwriters?
The final result is that the beginning and the end of Spooks 9 do not fit together, though the first meeting between Vaughan and Lucas / John was enacted in a very dramatic way and by repeated viewing impressed me as much as the first time.

Further questions were for example:
  • Why did John have to conceal his identity after the Dakar bombing, but not Vaughan, though he was the main contact to the invisible instigators?

  • Why did John and Vaughan have to leave the country so fast after the bombing, when even 15 years later the MI-5 could still not find out a direct connection between them and the bombing?

  • Why did Vaughan and John fear the secret principals, when they did exactly what they were hired to do and even were successful with it?

  • Were there even secret principals ordering the bombing or did Vaughan plan the whole plot or even John?

  • Why did the secret principals not use the bombing in any way to get some results?

  • Why did Vaughan not continue in his quest to gain ‘world domination’ but became an informant for MI-5?

  • Why did Lucas / John not find out during his time with MI-5 that Vaughan was working for them? Vaughan had no difficulty gaining full access to Lucas’ files in comparison, though he only was an informant and not inside the inner circle of MI-5?

    1. Very good questions. With the world domination thing, any good evil mastermind should know to start small (like with the tri-state area) to practice and see if you can do it and THEN try to conquer the world. ;)

    2. @Traxy
      Had to look up the tri-state area. It is a term I did not know where to apply.
      But I think you are completely right. The film crew at least should have sent Richard Armitage over to practice. He would have won world domination immediately ;o) - at least over all his fans.