Friday 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Christmas time always affects me most. It makes me thoughtful, introspect, sometimes a bit of a recluse, as far as Birthday, Christmas and New Years preparations allow such a thing.
In this gloomy mood, a video by bccmee really brightened up my day. So I chose this to accompany my Christmas and New Years greetings to you!

I wish you all a peaceful, joyful and Merry Christmas time and lots of success, health and joy for the New Year 2011!


  1. Thank you! The same to you. I am sorry that this season makes you gloomy. Bccmee's video certainly does help to cheer one up!
    I hope you will enjoy my newest video which I have posted on my blog as my Christmas wish for everyone. :)

  2. @phylly3
    Thank you very much for your nice comment! If I may, I will also link to your video. It is so lovely and combines such sweet moments of RA films. It is really a wonderful treat to cheer me up at the end of the year.
    I always want to plan too much at the end of the year. The rest of the year I am more content, that life cannot be planned or at least has a way to disturb all the well laid out plans ;o)

  3. Thanks for the vid, it brights your mood or
    makes it more bright.

    Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!

    OML :)

  4. @onemorelurker1
    Have a good start into the New Year as well and have a happy and successful year 2011, hopefully with lots of RA-effects and inspirations! ;o)

  5. Merry very belated Christmas to you COoart! :) Trying to catch up on the blog posts I've missed over the holidays, so I'm a bit late. Hope you had a wonderful time. :)