Friday 3 December 2010

Lucas in his Pre-Russian Time

I would really have loved to see some backdrops to the Lucas John Bateman had been before his Russian imprisonment. His connection to Harry, MI-5 and his colleagues would really have been valuable information for me. All the references concerning Lucas being a real hero back then and the head of Section D at such a young age just wet my appetite.

[What lovely space for fan fiction: Lucas as a young and brilliant spook stirring up the whole country ?!]

But that kind of information about Lucas’ background is exactly, what the scriptwriters - in my opinion cruelly - wanted to withhold from us. Ahhh….
As I have mentioned before in a comment on this blog, sometimes I think I would have to shake the scriptwriters till they give me some answers. Good that I am normally a quite peaceful and even minded person ;o)

[Not to mention that I do not know the scriptwriters and they are in a safe distance of me. But do you think I should warn them that I intend to visit London next April?]


  1. I'm still baffled as to what they were thinking if indeed they were thinking.

  2. @RAFrenzy
    Thank you for your comment!
    I more and more come to the conclusion, that the scriptwriters really wanted to 'destroy' the character Lucas. The only thing which really makes it hard to believe for me is, that all the given hints and leads about Lucas /John are contradicting themselves. The result is, that at the end not only Lucas / John is irritated about his identity, but I am as well fully irritated and a bit [big understatement ;o)] annoyed.

  3. I think they like creating anti-hero's and want to go against popular mainstream scriptwriting. Mainly create confussion and left me quite empty and done with Spooks. Not that I would have viewed it without RA.

  4. @iz4blue
    I completely agree with you, that Spooks has its own way of creating troubled heroes. But that I think, is part of the attraction of this series for me. It is not superficial, but really goes to the depths of things and characters.
    As you say, Spooks 9 also left me quite empty with all the hints and no leads. But rewatching and all these posts in the meantime helped me to come to terms with part of it.
    Though I still think, they did not treat RA well and very much relied on his talent to get the story to work.
    I will watch Spooks 10 also, if only to find out if they solve some of the riddles of Spooks 9.