Tuesday 14 December 2010

Dimitri Actively Helping Lucas / John

When Dimitri Levendis followed the potential ‘Lucas’ into the back alley in Spooks 9.8, he prevented the van with the CO19 unit to pursue ‘Lucas’ faster. He prevented them from catching up with ‘Lucas’, surrounding him and potentially catching him alive. In the end they killed an innocent, because he did not correctly identify the running person and prevented the special unit from catching him alive.

Not very professional.

But what astonished me more was, that the normally very moral team of the grid did not even mention the killing of this innocent or at least reveal his identity or connection to Lucas/John. He was just a chess figure which lost its importance.
How very sad and so much unlike Spooks.
Ruth was clearly missing on the grid. Her influence would have prevented, that a killing would have gone completely unnoticed.

But in the end this sequence stated some important facts about the grid:
* The grid only acts human when it is convenient.
* The working procedure is very intuitive and not based on detailed and consistent research.
* They do not really want to find out the background about Lucas. (Because they know it already or because of disinterest?)
* A man’s life is not important to them. (If it is not Harry or Adam.)
* The blunder they made in work procedure is not important to them. Harry and Ruth do not even mention it.

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