Saturday 18 December 2010

Lucas & Harry - Talking With Each Other

At one very rare occasion Lucas / John and Harry must have spoken to each other, because at the end on the roof Lucas / John refers to Harry mentioning the service renders people bad.

The last discussion between Harry and Lucas in the end dialogue made me realise, what I felt was wrong with the grid members of series 9. They do not really talk to each other for the whole of the series.

The episode 9.6, where the grid security system is compromised and the Russians and Chinese are listening in is not really necessary, as all the members do not really talk to each other anyway.

This is one further aspect which really sets the whole Lucas / John development apart and makes it so unbelievable. We see no reaction to it except of short views of disbelieve on Beth’s face. We see no real coping with this new situation but normal, undisturbed grid-routine.

(This routine is really going very badly. Should this show us, that Lucas is missed and Dimitri and Beth are not yet ready to do the job alone? They blow up their first job alone by loosing Ruth, wrongly identifying an innocent and preventing the special unit from reaching the suspect in time to prevent having to kill him. They even did not secure the surrounding sufficiently. A complete blunder!)

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