Monday 20 August 2012

King Richard Armitage Week 2012 - Announcement

King Richard Armitage Week 2012 will begin coming Wednesday.
Only two more days to prepare for this wonderful historic and fan-cy event.

And I am so busy that I till now did not even have time to declare my participation on my own blog, leave alone announce the event or talk about the wonderful participating bloggers here.

Tztztz..., CDoart! -  That needs to change immediately ;o)

Here now, the announcement and the wonderful bloggers who will join me in the event:

  • We also have a wonderful special guest, the 
    Richard III Foundation, Inc.
    who will join in with an article during the week and sponsors a price for the scavenger hunt. - So, don't miss the quiz questions, published each day of the event week!

This year, we have a bit of a different approach than last year. Bloggers will post, from fandom to historic, like last year, but instead of the series of interviews, we have articles and news from all kind of perspectives (More will be revealed on Wednesday ;o)
Over the whole week, we will post hints for a scavenger hunt, to determine our King Richard Armitage Champion 2012!
(Don't worry, we leave you enough time - till 3rd of September, 2012 - to hunt for the solution and enter the quiz to get a chance to win one of the wonderful prices.)

I wish you lots of fun, wonderful celebrations and a magnificent day and KRA-Championship 2012!

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  1. Just posted a link on my facebook wall. Love the banner! MG