Tuesday 28 August 2012

Leporello at a Loss...

... or why Leporello would not do as servant for King Richard III.

Leporello, the servant of Don Juan, had to register all the love interests of his master.
You say, King Richard III was monogamous and was faithful to his wife?

Admittedly, the known love interests of King Richard III most likely would not even fill one page, much less an endless page like in a leporello folded book.
So why do I compare King Richard III to Don Juan and even say, Leporello would not even be able to keep book?

Because King Richard III has over 900 supporters by now !

Imagine the folded book of Leporello trying to keep track of that number.
Either he would need to have an excessively small handwriting, good indexing, to find the required names again, or he would need our website KingRichardArmitage, to cope with us all - us supporters of King Richard Armitage and our film petition.

We also intend to grow further.
What would Leporello invent, or would he just swap his booklet for an iPhone or computer, to register all of us signers of the petition?
I had problems imagining the servant of Don Juan with an iPhone ;o) but modern theatre performances surely will invent something to cope and bridge the understanding gap for the problems he had with registering all the amorous interests of Don Juan for today's theatre goers.

Fortunately we don't have such problems with the Petition for King Richard Armitage and the film about King Richard III by Richard Armitage. We can bridge the time gap of over 500 years.

Thank you for all your support 
and please do not stop spreading the word about it further !

King Richard Week 2012 with the daily Quiz questions for the scavenger hunt during the event week.
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Guest of the day is the Richard III Foundation, Inc. with wonderful articles, which shed more light on the character of King Richard III, which, with the few reliable resources is no easy research. But Joe Ann Ricca, founder of the Richard III Foundation, did a great job with that and packed it in wonderfully readable articles. See for yourself:

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Phylly's discovery - Sing along with the ballad of King Richard III.

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