Monday 27 August 2012

Holbein and King Richard III - Art and History

Some time ago I stumbled upon a website, which from the dates given, already seems to be in place for quite a while.
This site is so filled with information that after a few days I had forgotten most of them. So, I always wanted to go back to this page and closer read the content and discern the credibility of this information.

I still did not come to a conclusion, how far I trust the given information, or how far I think it is possible to get information out of hints in a picture to such an extent
Still, I want to present this website to you anyway, as it is so rich in detail and deserves a closer look and is an entertaining and informative read for everyone interested in King Richard III and his surroundings.

The thought provoking re-interpretation of most facts about and around King Richard III, the speculation about motives of persons around King Richard and of himself, are so daring and provoking, that they deserve a closer look.

So here comes the website: about the research by Jack Leslau

The analyzed image is:

Portrait of the More family by Hans Holbein the Younger

I am quite curious what you think about this website, the image and the interpretation and to what conclusions and further hints you come through this website.

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