Wednesday 22 August 2012

Happy Birthday to our King of Fandom

Happy Birthday to our King of hearts, fandom and the dwarves!


Celebrations have already started in London and now slowly spread around the world ;o)

What can be my part in the cake (King Richard Armitage Week 2012) for Mr. Armitage's birthday?

Though Black Forrest Cherry Cake is my favourite, a digital version of it presumably does not taste all too well.

So I went on and raked my brain.
What better thing to do for me, than to search for King Richard III?
And where better way to start my detective work than at his last days of life?

As the research about the trough found in Leicester some years ago most certainly was not the coffin King Richard III was burried in, the search for his burrial place goes on, as our Search for King Richard page on the KRA-website shows.

Here a video report from the year 2008 (The One Show 17.11.08 - Put on YouTube by unsworthsugden) about the securing of the artifact at that time believed to be the coffin of King Richard III:

The video in my opinion makes it so evidently clear, that the research done in the meantime makes further research and an archaeological search for the remains of King Richard III necessary.

So my quest during this King Richard III Week 2012 will be, to accumulate information about the last days of King Richard III and some of the newer research, shedding light on the possible fate and whereabouts of King Richard III's burrial place and about King Richard III himself.

I hope you will enjoy the journey and virtually search with me around Bosworth and the last days of King Richard III !

TV-Documentation about King Richard III needs our help!

Please support a filming of a documentation about King Richard III together with me. Take 2 minutes and voice your opinion on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th of August, 2012 (U.K. time) to convince Channel 4 that it is a necessary endeavour and lots of people are already waiting for a documentation about King Richard III and his life, which will take into account all the new research results and finally bring some of the mis-constructions about this English king to an end.

You can put your comment here, to show your support:

Thank you !!!

King Richard Week 2012 has started today!
Quiz questions for the scavenger hunt during the week can be found here!

First blogger of the day is Gratiana Lovelace with Melissa the Mouse.

Have a look at Servetus' 41 reasons why Mr. Armitage is extraordinary.


  1. It's a very festive celebration! Lots of interesting activities going on. :)

    1. Thank you, bccmee! It is such a news-filled time right now and the celebrations are wonderful. Thank you for your wonderful birthday book!!!
      For those who did not see the video yet, here is the link:

  2. And three particular activities: an Armitage birthday coinciding with the first spade in the ground during the KRA week. :D And all the RA supporter celebrations!


    1. I am so curious, what the digging can find out. Would like them to install a web cam, so that I could have a look myself ;o)
      They really chose the right time for their endeavour.
      Thank you, fitzg!