Friday 24 August 2012

The Last Days of Richard III

One of the newer researches about King Richard III which really impressed me, was
"The Last Days of Richard III" by Dr. Ashdown-Hill (2010)

 (Available as print book and as Kindle version, so both are linked in for your convenience. You know, earnings go to RA's charities. You can also buy via, to earn affiliate fees for the charities there.)

More than the title says and being a detailed and interesting to read account of the last days in King Richard III's life and the motives and personal interests surrounding him, the book also reveals informative details about the burrial place of King Richard III.
This was the reason, that some time ago, when we got the Archaeology Appeal about the planned digging in Leicester, I took this book out and started reading again.
What impresses me with the research work by Dr. Ashdown-Hill, is the readable conclusions and density of information he reveals in his publications. So this work "The Last Days of Richard III" is no exception and far more information is given than a mere day to day account and research into King Richard III's last moves. Reasons, motives, plots, different concurring interests and a wide variety of persons influenicing the last moves, are drawn together and create a vivid image of the happenings before, during and after the Battle of Bosworth.

More details about the book are also on the KRA website. Here also the very interesting DNA analysis is mentioned, which has a major role to being able to discover King Richard III's burrial place in the planned archaeological diggin in Leicester.

The KRA website will keep us updated here about the digging.
I can't wait for news ;o)

TV-Documentation about King Richard III needs our help TODAY!

Please comment today, to support a filming of a documentation about King Richard III. Take 2 minutes and voice your opinion on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th of August, 2012 (U.K. time) to convince Channel 4 that it is a necessary endeavour and lots of people are already waiting for a documentation about King Richard III and his life, which will take into account all the new research results and finally bring some of the mis-constructions about this English king to an end.

You can put your comment here, to show your support:

Thank you !!!

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