Saturday 25 August 2012

Bosworth 1485 - by Mike Ingram

King  Richard III - from a military perspective

Again, you will say, but this time, I have a real reading tip for you:

In a very sound research, with an abundance of additional information, war techniques, military strategy, knightly equipment and knowledge of the time are described in a fluent and captivating way
This praised book is the newly published work by

Mike Ingram "Bosworth 1485" (2012).

(Available as print book and as Kindle version, so both are linked in for your convenience. You know, earnings go to RA's charities. You can also buy via, to earn affiliate fees for the charities there.)

The expertise of Mike Ingram about battle techniques is so rich that the he can knowlegeably use the newest research results of the year 2010, to overthrow a lot of long established battle believes about Bosworth, e.g. taking place at Albion Hill, and lighthandedly can rewrite the battle story of Bosworth. The latest research and findings of relics from soldiers, the boar badge, believed to be a sign from the armour of members of the royal guard of King Richard, now make an entirely new location and structure of the battle likely.

The additional information given in this handy and compact book, are so detailed and informative, that one gets sucked into the book at any place one starts to read.
For example, did you know that for some gunpowder making procedures in the 15th century the urine of wine drinkers was needed? (I am sure all the passengers found me to be a bit crazy, when I encountered that detail in an open train compartment ;o)
If you want to know more about the armour of the knights, the way they bound their armour parts or the knowledge about the battle area at Bosworth, reveal that the author has first hand knowledge about the location himself. He is an expert for battle techniques, not only late Medieval battles, but also can compare them to modern ones'. This makes his explanations the more understandable for modern readers.

Mike Ingram also holds guided tours from time to time and shows the area and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each position, either for Richard III and Henry Tudor and their armies. Between the video of the year 1994 (presented here) and the research work done by Mike Ingram, it becomes clear that years of research and extensive findings lie between those two studies.

The research work is wonderfully up to date and for anyone interested in the Battle of Bosworth, I can only recommend the book by Mike Ingram as obligatory material. Really a read worth its time and a remaining source for details about the battle and last days of King Richard III and first days of the reign of Henry VII.

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