Friday 27 July 2012

A Re-Invention of Identity

Either "The Hobbit" or RA himself has changed RA.
It is hard to tell, if hard PR-training or the whole experience with "The Hobbit" caused the latest change, but there at ComicCon, I had the impression that a new RA appeared once again.
He no longer is John Porter, whom he even brought back to Spooks at the beginning of series 9, and he certainly no longer is Guy of Gisborne or John Thornton, not even the RA of those times.

The mature, self-confident man is new. What remains the same, is the overwhelming good humour and friendliness, so vividly twinkling in his eyes.

How should one ever fall out of fandom, with such an addictive actor?
How can one possibly resist the mischief lurking in his eyes?

Picture from the HitFix interview at ComicCon by Katie Hasty
More details, the video and my favourite quote are here at KRA

I certainly can't resist ;o)
whatever the latest developments in fandom are or do or show.

For me, the one character trait I admire over all else in others is, what I found so rich in my mother.
She is the loveliest woman in my life, not only because she is my mother, but I also see it in her interactions with other people.
She even has and ever had a good word about her enemies. You could now ask, when she is that good, why does she have enemies (and she had quite numerous ones during the time I grew up).
But enemies (and bullies or mean spirited people or however you want to call them) don't need a reason to be mean. They are strong against someone who is not like them, as mean spirited and as vile as they are. They feel strong, by discrediting someone else, by building themselves up in comparison to someone else they intentionally disgrace for their own pleasure, by putting stones in their 'object's' way, just for their own narrow-minded entertainment.

You see, I know all the interactions and expressions of meanness, as I had experienced enough of it, just because I came into the shooting line of the mean people trying to hit my mother.

I won't ever defend or give space to any attempt of meanness - and why I write that here - I also will eradicate and immediately delete any attempt of being mean or vile or harmful to either another fan or RA immediately and without hesitation here on this blog.

I at the same time want to stress, every fan open for the wonder of the exceptional beauty of the RA-fandom is welcome here.

Though, with a sad eye, I recognise, that the vile comments on i*m*d*b took their toll and already changed the tone among friends in the fandom. I won't participate and I won't take sides.

I just come back to the motto of my headline and perhaps we as fans can join RA and re-invent our identity after the latest struggles and become a loving, caring and loveable group of witty and funny RArmy girls again, who embrace each other in their differences and don't try to become a fan-police, where there is no necessity for it.

I certainly don't like certain parts of the fandom. I resist from involving myself in them and won't give them more attention than they deserve.
I can't stand certain discussions about RA, just because I just don't need them to be a fan or find his acting wonderful and cherish every appearance of him on screen. I admire his work, love what he does, feverishly await what he intends to do and support him to ease his way to do whatever he wants to do in the future.

That is my credo of fandom.


  1. I fully support your sentiments.


  2. Thank you for this wonderful post which expresses so much of what many of us feel. I love his new self-confidence, cannot imagine ever falling out of the fandom no matter what others do or say and cannot wait to see what happens next for him. How could we possibly resist someone of his abilities, integrity and wonderful personality - not to mention his stunning good looks and those amazingly expressive blue eyes which grab me each time I see him!!

    1. Thank you very much, Teuchter, and welcome here on the blog!

      I am curious as well what will happen next and hope we will see pictures, peviews or the next film soon, when we already have to wait till December to see the first part of "The Hobbit".

  3. Thank you for this wonderful post. I heartily concur with what you have written. I was so thrilled to see him at Comic Con and the way he comported himself! He did indeed seem like a new person so confident was he in all the interviews we have seen and at the Hobbit Panel. Yet behind all that we see the same amazing person he has always been, a polite gentleman, articulate, intelligent, patient with fans and interviewers alike, obviously much loved by all his fellow cast members and the crew of these fantastic movies that we can hardly wait to see, and with that irrepressible twinkle in his eyes.

    Personally I cannot imagine ever falling out of this fandom no matter what is said or done by others. Nothing can dissuade me from continuing to admire such a consummate actor or so personable and beautiful a person as he undoubtedly is. Like you said, who can resist!!

    1. I certainly can't resist. I just need to see RA smile and see the twinkling in his eyes full of humour and presence of mind and resistance is absolutely futile for me ;o)
      True words, Teuchter. I very much admire his 'polite, articulate, intelligent' way and the interviews at ComicCon present him wonderfully in that way. I hope "The Hobbit" premiere will open lots of possibilities for more interviews like those.
      Thank you very much for commenting here!