Saturday 14 May 2011

Why was my Reaction so Extreme?

Yesterday's post kept turning round in my head and I continued with the question, why my reaction to this 'old interview' was so extreme?

In hindsight, I think, what disturbed me most about the interview and why it changed my apprehension of Richard Armitage was, because it brought him closer on a personal level.
I was not prepared to let him in so closely. He was on his pedestal quite in a safe distance to me. If the safety zone was more for his sake or mine remains to be decided.
It was a quite comfortable and for some time well established distance which got disturbed. His 'function' in my life got a further aspect. What comes of it must be discovered further in future.

He came too close with a trust he cannot know that he can burden me with without having to fear negative consequences. My family and friends know me and know they can depend on me, when they entrust me with burdensome information. He does not know that and so his trust instinctively let me draw back and put him in greater distance. - Every aspect of his acting in "Strike Back" ep. 3 was under the closest scrutiny and was evaluated meticulously by me.
That unnerved me so much, that I had to stop watching that film which I had seen countless times before.

With the lovely pictures of bccmee and kadamanja I was able to put him 'almost' back in his old place.

Fortunately there is such a lot to be admired in and about him, that a new aspect and different point-of-view does not hurt overly much. The result always is fine!

In comparison, the fabulous and amusing numerological analysis by Fabo Laktuko and Traxy (and I must admit, my own) did nothing to bring him closer, but were so funny, that I still cannot stop laughing.
If you did not already, give the numerology comparison by Celebrity-Galore a try ;o)))


  1. Thanks for posting a link to my blog! I enjoyed kadmanja's wallpapers too. :) Glad that the numerology game lifted your spirits!

  2. @bccmee
    Thank you, bccmee. I hope you do not mind.
    Your pictures and the funny celebrity-comparison helped a lot. Thank you !!!